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The Riza Hawkeye Community [v.1.0- Bird of Prey]

Ready. Aim. Fire.

Riza Hawkeye Fan Community
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[Background works best in 768 x 1024. v.1.0 since 12/7/04]

Welcome to the Riza Hawkeye LJ Community! This was created upon discovering that while the Elrics have their armies (and navies and airforces) of fansites and Roy Mustang has his tempura (and his miniskirt army and his harem), and others have their countless fanbrigades, there was nothing for his loyal aide and one of the most brilliant female characters in anime. We're open to all supporters of Riza regardless of pairing preference or how you spell her name.

Basic Rules

  • You must be a fan or supporter- or at least a distant, aloof tolerator-person- of Hawkeye to join. What else would you be here for?
  • Introductory posts are welcome- we'd love to know who you are and share the fanon-love- but please keep one-lined "omg hi im new n i luv riza hawkeye"-type posts to a minimum. Your enthusiasm is very much appreciated but other than that...if your posts are ridiculously short with no other substance, do try to restrain yourself. Grammar is also good.
  • Fan submissions such as fanart and fanfics are absolutely welcome but if you're posting something of someone else's, try to give them credit. Don't claim it for your own. (If it's linked on a site such as Deviantart where it's clear that it's posted under their own account, however, then that's fine.)
  • Try to utilise proper grammar mechanics. Using 1337 and minor webspeak in jest is amusing and okay, and people who are not native speakers of English are quite excused, but those of you (you know who you are!) who just butcher the language will have your posts deleted.
  • Don't harass other members on basis of race, age, gender, personal affiliations, you know the drill. We all have at least one thing in common here.
  • If something's rated above R, mark it as such. We probably have minors around here. *cough*
  • Have fun. Or we'll send Hayate after you.

Feel free to post your art, writing, video/sound clips, theories, cosplays, and discussions of points in the anime/manga (with the proper spoiler tags, of course, now that Hawkeye has premiered in the dub version). As long as it's Riza-related and not utterly mindless, why not? We don't want this community to fall idle! ^^


Admin: artemis_winter
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Any contributions or donations of graphics, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!