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Riverside Recipes

fall of the kings

To celebrate the release of the audio book of The Fall of the Kings, Ellen Kushner is running a competition here.

My own entry, which includes a Riverside menu, a recipe for toasted cheese and a drinking challenge, is here ...

A typical Riverside menu:

Vegetable soup with squa sh, leeks and chard


Pan fried fish served with sweet green peas


Baked apples with cream, drizzled with Highcombe honey


Selection of fresh country cheeses


Chocolate with cinnamon-dusted gingerbread

A Recipe for Toasted Cheese

Take a loaf of bread (borrowed from a neighbour if necessary). Using a sharp dagger, cut thin, fine slices from the loaf.

Cut slices of cheese and lay in a precise pattern until the bread is covered. Toast carefully before the fire until melted but not brown.  

Riverside Fool

A drinking contest for the unwary. No one has yet completed it, and you'd be a fool to try!

The following drinks must be taken in order.  The drinker must stay upright, and no breaks to visit the privy are permitted.

A pint of Rogues Rotgut (rough cider with real rat!)

Ginnie's Gin Sling (gin, cherry brandy and a dash of lemon juice)

Venns Vodka surprise (equal parts of brandy, gin and whisky.  No vodka thats the surprise!)

Rosalies Runner (rum mixed with ginger beer)

Firework Frenzy (an orange liqueur topped with flaming brandy)

Swordsmans Slash (vodka with blood-red cherry brandy poured through it)

Hallidays Holiday (two pints of water from the well)

Pickpocket Punch (red wine, orange juice, brandy and sugar)

Nightcrawler (ale, vodka and gin mixed with lemonade)

And finally, for those still standing

A Yard of Ale

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