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For any of you who have not yet discovered the delights of Tremontaine (a prequel to Swordspoint and the other Riverside books) you can now get Series One or Series Two for just $1.99:

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Twins (Jay)

Tremontaine Challenge #2

In the world of #Tremontaine, you can be anyone. Who will you be?

The new series can be found here

I’d be a scholar.

I wouldn’t want to be a brilliant swordswoman, as there’s too much chance of injury and pain. I’m not particularly fit and agile, and I don’t want to get hurt. What’s more, I don’t really want to have to kill someone.


I wouldn’t want to be a ship’s captain. It would be exciting to sail the seas, discovering new lands, but it wouldn’t be so glamorous to be throwing up all the time as I get sea sick.

I’d quite fancy life as a pampered noble, being waited on hand and foot, but at the same time would feel guilty about all those servants scurrying around to please every whim. What’s more, if I was unkind or didn’t trust them, I’d be worried about what might be in my evening chocolate.

I wouldn’t want to be a pickpocket, because aside from the basic dishonesty, I’m not very stealthy or cunning. I’d get caught, and probably get my hand chopped off or even end up dead in a ditch.

I could perhaps be a Riverside innkeeper, brewing beer, serving stew, renting rooms - but the hours would be long and late, and cleaning bloodstains off the floor after a duel would be a chore.


No, I’d be a scholar. I love learning, reading, discovering, and acquiring new knowledge.

I’d be a scholar, attend lectures during the day, read throughout the night, sleep when I could and drink copiously.

I’d study the sciences, the course of the sun, the phases of the moon, and the path of the stars.

I’d write essays, debate with my friends, argue with strangers, and study for examinations. I’d stay up late at night watching the stars and the changing face of the moon. I’d drink with my friends, eat tomato pie, and read, and study, and learn.


In the world of Tremontaine, I’d be a scholar.
Twins (Jay)

Tremontaine Menu Challenge

My entry for the first challenge for the new series of Tremontaine: Create a menu for Diane, Duchess Tremontaine. All the ingredients are items mentioned in the Riverside books.

Details of the new series can be found here

~~*~~ Menu for Diane, Duchess Tremontaine ~~*~~

~ Rustic Goats Cheese Soufflé ~

~ Pan Fried River Trout with Fennel and Sweet Green Peas ~


~ Baked Apples with Cream, Drizzled with Honey and Encased in a Golden Pastry Cage ~

~ Cherries Tremontaine, Poached in a Red Wine Syrup and Embedded in a Sweet Vanilla Cream ~

~ Spiced Chocolate, Served with Cinnamon Glazed Gingerbread Spears ~

(Disclaimer: None of the pictures are mine. I found them all courtesy of Google Images!)

#TremonTEAM #Tremontaine
Twins (Jay)

Welcome to the City!

Another post for Tremontaine, the prequel to Ellen Kushner's most wonderful Swordspoint. As part of #TremonTEAM, and as a prelude to Series 2, I'm taking part in the weekly challenge to promote Tremontaine and SerialBox.


Welcome to the City!

Welcome to the City. To help you make the most of your time here, we have produced this brief guide to the main attractions and popular highlights for the adventurous traveller.

Why not visit the Hill, where the nobles and Lords of the City live? Marvel at their stately mansions and elegant gardens, which can be glimpsed through the ornate and imposing gates. Watch as they ride past in their carriages. You might even catch sight of the most famous of them all, the beautiful Diane, Duchess Tremontaine.

Visit the University Quarter, where the students hurry between lectures in the ancient halls or spend their free time at the many inns and pubs in this area. Try the famous tomato pie, a local delicacy.

While here, you must of course sample the chocolate. The City is famed for the drink, made locally with milk and sugar - or why not try the new Kinwiinik style, with their traditional spices? It's not for the faint hearted!

Come to Riverside, the colourful heart of the City! The haunt of swordsmen and their lovers, forgers and thieves, pickpockets and whores. But beware - keep your hand on your purse, avoid the tavern brawls, and do not be tempted to join in with the many games of dice. The Riversiders are always keen to fleece the unwary visitor.

The City. Once seen, never forgotten.

(All visits undertaken at your own risk. The authors of this guide bear no responsibility for loss of valuables, life or limb.)
Twins (Jay)


Written for part of the #TremonTEAM challenge to write about a favourite character from Season One.


(Warning - contains spoilers for Season One!)

Diane, the Duchess Tremontaine, is a loyal and dutiful wife. She seeks only to support her husband in his most important duties on the Council or at the University, to keep a beautiful home, to be a charming and gracious hostess, and to maintain the good name and integrity of the family.

Appearances, however, can be deceptive.

She is perhaps more akin to a spider. She sits at the centre of a web of intrigue and secrets, controlling each strand of information with her schemes, and spinning plots to undo her rivals.

Like a spider, the female is far deadlier than the male. She will use her husband - the trusting, rather naive Will - only for as long as it suits her. She keeps him oblivious to her schemes and allows him to maintain the belief that he is in control of their marriage and household. After all, why disillusion him? What he does not know will not hurt him.

And like a spider, once her husband has served his purpose and ceases to be useful, she does not hesitate to incapacitate him.

Diane. Duchess Tremontaine. She is a woman of secrets. She is a woman who is not what she appears to be. She is a woman who is not even who she appears to be.
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I posted this on Tumblr also--here is my happy birthday, EK!

A homage to The Fall of the Kings and a happy birthday greeting to Ellen Kushner.

A pool in the forest, flat and bright. A man knelt by it, naked from the waist up. He seemed to be gazing into the pool; his face was hidden by a fall of hair, some of it braided with ribbon. His arms were braced against the pool’s edge; his hands were tense. What he stared at so intently, reflected back from the water, was the muzzle of a deer. A stag. --The Fall of the Kings.

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