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Hi there. I see this community has been rather quiet which is a shame. None of my friends really watch River City so it would be nice to maybe hear from other people that watch it.

The storylines are getting really good. I love the Hazel-Alanna-Vader storyline. I think I saw Alanna in Rufus in Glasgow a few months ago, getting harassed by random drunks. Ah, you can't beat Glasgow (or Shieldinch for that matter). Heather also seems to be cracking up as well while Gerry is revealing himself to be the utter bastard he's always been.

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This community seems to be somewhat dormant . . but I thought I'd pop by and offer some of my favourite quotes from River City. In what other soap would you find lines like these . . .

- "My career's disappeared down the pan like a big jobby!"

- "I can tackle Bobo Balde . . but I cannae handle these feelings!"

(giving notice that she is about to visit the lavatory) "Ah'm away to squeeze out ma shammy"

. . . Bill Shakespeare eat yer heart out! :)
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I read a brilliant article on River City this morning when I was in the bath. Try and get hold of big issue scotland, the pure christmas one and be enlightened.