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#1.Name: Carrie.
#2.Age: Fifteen.
#3.gender: Female.
#4.Location: Wayne, New Jersey.
#5.Sexual Orientation: straight.
#6.What three words describe yourself: outgoing, funny, weird
#7.Hobbiest&Interests: Music, friends, reading, field hockey, track, art
#8.Significant other?[picture if so]: no boyfriend =(


#9.Bands: brand new, bright eyes, showbreaed, death from aboe 1979, the mars volta, taking back sunday, from first to last, the blood brothers, armor for sleep.. and many more
#10.Movies: donnie darko, garden state, kill bill, eternal sunshine for the spotless mind, office space
#11.Books:speak, the chocolate war, i like stephen king books, and i like edgar allen poe's short stories

+ Opinions

#12.Drugs: drinking and smoking pot is fine (because they arent physically addicting), just as long as you are responsible and you dont drink/smoke and drive. But as for drugs like acid, coke, and heroin, i dont think anyone should try those becasue they ARE physcially addicting and not to mention you can take just one acid trip and NEVER come back, if you get what i mean
#13.Racism: i dont really care whether you are racist or not, just as long as you dont express it in a violet way...or act like a jackass. and i hate how when people think of racism they ususally think that whites are racist about black people when the truth is black people are can be just as racist towards white people.
#14.Self-mutilation: I dont think people should self mutilate them self. but tey only do i guess because it is the only form of pain they can control. i had a friend that use to hurt them self but me and all of his other friends helped him through it so now he doesnt hurt himself anymore... cutting your self is not going to make their problems go away.
#15.Abortion: I am pro choice, i dont care whether it is against the bible or not, i feel women have a right to decide whether they want to have a child or not, after all it is their uterus they should have control over it not the goverenment.

#16.What do you think happens to us when we die? i think we get reincarnated

+Word Association

#17.Sky: clouds
#18.Love: the color red
#19.Hate: the color black and red burning flames
#20.Dance: disco era
#21.Risque: moulan rouge the movie.

+ Misc

#22.Make us laugh. are you straight? "OHHH YEAH!!! I am as straight as a circle."
#23.promote us somewhere and provide a link.
#24. Any last words? "OOOO what does this button do?"

+ Photos

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