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#2.Age: 14
#3.gender: Female
#4.Location: New York
#5.Sexual Orientation: Guys                                                       #6.What three words describe yourself: fun, entertaining, interesting
#7.Hobbiest&Interests: I love singing, acting, dancing- pretty much anything that has to do with performing I love. I like to shop too...i'd have to say I'm obessed with cheap accessories (China Town is amazing)
#8.Significant other?[picture if so]: Nope...they never work out for me so awesome being single.


Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Boy's Night Out, Dashboard Confessional, Allister, (Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera- i know they're not a bands but, I think they're awesome.) , Oasis, Sugar Cult, Brand New, ect.
#10.Movies: I'm not a huge movie's more like I either like it or I don't but if I had to pick I would say Hurricane (the one about the boxer), Gothika, and Mean Girl was funny too.
#11.Books: Monster and magazines if those count

+ Opinions

I don't like them at all. My whole highschool does them and I'm not against those who do it because it's the choice but, for me I choose not to.
#13.Racism: I think racism is so stupid but, I also think it can't be stopped. If you think about everyone is a little bit racist no matter how much you say your not and no matter how good of a person you are.
#14.Self-mutilation: I think it's really sad when people cut themselves and I think they should get help because even though they might think it releves them from pain all it really does is just hurt them even more.
#15.Abortion: I think it's selfish and i would never do it. I don't think it should be outlawed though because for some people it's a a weird kind of way.

#16.What do you think happens to us when we die? Wow..that's a hard question. I do belive in God and heaven and stuff like that. My mom went to this lady who communicates with the dead and her Grandma came through and the lady told her stuff that only her and her Grandma would know that kind of makes me belive in afterlife.

+Word Association

#18.Love: Hate
#19.Hate: Love
#20.Dance: Stage
#21.Risque: Stripper

+ Misc

#22.Make us laugh.
Well let me just tell you a conversation with my mom...this is about a livestrong braclet.

Mom: (sees the braclet) Amanda...where did you get that braclet?

Me: friend gave it to me.

Mom: Ohh...well what does it mean?

Me: What do you mean what does it mean?

Mom: Amanda what does that braclete mean!?

Me: Support cancer?

Mom: Are you sure it doesn't mean anything else?

Me: Yes..what do you think it means?

Mom: Well...I heard on the news girl's are wearing braclets to see how far they'll go with boys and different colors mean different things.

Me: Oh my god mom.. yeah,  I'm deffently trying to promote sex
#23.promote us somewhere and provide a link.
#24. Any last words? This community seems really cool so, I hope you vote me in.

+ Photos at least 3 clear photos of yourself

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