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#1.Name: Erica
#2.Age: 16
#3.gender: female
#4.Location: Wilmington, DE
#5.Sexual Orientation: straight
#6.What three words describe yourself: sarcastic,small,opinionated
#7.Hobbiest&Interests: I play tennis for my school. I LOVE TO EAT!! It will probably be the death of me. I also enjoy local shows and meeting new people.
#8.Significant other[picture if so]:


#9.Bands: Poison the well, Alkaline trio, Yellowcard, BTO, Cypress Hill, the Offspring, Guns n Roses, Brand New...among others, but I don't think it's necessary to name ALL of them.
#10.Movies: I love Gone With the Wind, Grease, and Billy Madison. Comedies are my favorite.
#11.Books: Gone With the Wind, Antigone, Gossip Girl series. I do read alot, and I don't see anything wrong with that.
+ Opinions

#12.Drugs: They're illegal for a reason. It IS possible to have fun without using them.
#13.Racism: Racism is pathetic...just because someone may not look the same as you, doesn't mean that they don't deserve to be given a chance.
#14.Self-mutilation: I used to cut...until I realized I was only making the situations worse...there are better ways to deal with your problems.
#15.Abortion: I'm pro-choice...Only you can decide how to manage your body.

#16.What do you think happens to us when we die?
I'm really pretty undecided on that...but I'd like to believe in reincarnation.

+Word Association

#17.Sky: ozone, blue (how typical)
#18.Love: at first sight
#19.Hate: anger, black
#20.Dance: dirty
#21.Risque: sexy, bold, beautiful

+ Misc

#22.Make us laugh. I'm not sure what makes you laugh...but people hurting themselves in unusual ways never fails to make me smile.I can't think of any good jokes off of the top of my head, I never can when I'd like to remember one.
#23.promote us somewhere and provide a link.
#24. Any last words?
"Take heart, sweetheart. or I will take it from you."

+ Photos at least 3 clear photos of yourself
(I apologize if the quality sucks, my camera is shitty)

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