♥ Dorothy ♥ (lefrenchdisco) wrote in _risquebusiness,
♥ Dorothy ♥

Mod App

If you are in the community and want to be a mod, please comment with this application and we will go on from there. If you are NOT in the community, then please join and make an entry with the application ALONG with 3 CLEAR photos of yourself (i cannot stress this enough).

Why you would like to be a mod:
Give a random idea for a theme:
What do you think makes you qualified for this position:
What's your opinion on rating communities:
It someone (example: an applicant) were to start a bitch fight with you or any other stamped members, how would you handle the situation:
Any last words?

That's it, have fun. PROMOTE! YOU KNOW WE NEED IT!

The Mods <3
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