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#1.Name: Jessica. Jess. Whatever you choose
#2.Age: 16
#3.gender: female
#4.Location: Kingston, New York
#5.Sexual Orientation: I swing either way
#6.What three words describe yourself: short, loving, spacey
#7.Hobbiest&Interests: I have played soccer for 12 years, I take fashion disign and fashion drawing and I make a lot of clothing, I have sang since I was 2 and I have been in plays and musicals here and there and im really interested in the human mind
#8.Significant other?[picture if so]: :-( he broke up with me yesterday **sigh**


#9.Bands: Murder by death, Copeland, Mae, Bright Eyes, Hopesfall, Mates of state, Modest Mouse, UnderOath and A LOT more
#10.Movies: Labyrinth, Edward Scissorhands, Moulin Rouge,
#11.Books: I never promised you a rose garden, Speak, Cold Blooded, The black mirror

+ Opinions

#12.Drugs: Should be used in only health problems and not to get high off of. I'm not straight edge and I won't shove my beliefes down your throat, but I just think that drugs are a really retarded thing. Smoking pot is one thing, doing heroin or something like that is a totally different thing.
#13.Racism: Really needs to be stopped. I went out with, well, i don't know how to put this in a nice way, I went out with a black person (sorry if that offended anyone) and you can just feel the hate that is shown to them at times. I mean, there is no difference between them and us. They are just as nice, just as smart, just a different color thats all. They love, they have feelings, I dont think there should be so much of a seperation between them and us.
#14.Self-mutilation: Okay, I had a conversation about this yesterday and I am going to be 100% honest with you. Personally, I think it's a areally stupid thing. Reason being is that for 4 years I cut. And after those 4 years and seeing what i had done to myself and all the scars everywhere on me, I really was ashamed at what I had done to myself and I stopped.
#15.Abortion: I'm pro choice. If you really think it nessessary for you to do, go for it, if not. Dont.

#16.What do you think happens to us when we die? I had a conversation about this yesterday too hahaha. Uhm, personally, I think we just die. Everything just stops and life moves on without you.

+Word Association

#17.Sky: clouds
#18.Love: happiness or sadness (sadness because it always ends for me)
#19.Hate: hate
#20.Dance: dancing haha
#21.Risque: sexy and naughty

+ Misc

#22.Make us laugh. I'm sorry but at the moment, I'm trying to get myself to even smile. After this break up I'm a little not myself at the moment. Sorry loves <3
#23.promote us somewhere and provide a link.
#24. Any last words? you people are so pretty! <3

+ Photos at least 3 clear photos of yourself

Sorry about the large amount of pictures <3
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