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#1.Name: Amanda
#2.Age: 15
#3.gender: female
#4.Location: spokane, washington
#5.Sexual Orientation: straight
#6.What three words describe yourself: outgoing, bitchy, funny
#7.Hobbiest&Interests: guys, shopping, gymnastics
#8.Significant other?[picture if so]: single!


#9.Bands: taking back sunday, yellowcard, mxpx, nfg, motion city soundtrack, nirvana, metallica
#10.Movies: the notebook, pearl harbor, the sweetest thing
#11.Books: go ask alice, one child

+ Opinions

#12.Drugs: I think they are fun, but dangerous, & it's your choice if you want to fuck your body up or not.
#13.Racism: People shouldn't be judged by their skin color.
#14.Self-mutilation: Most people do it for attention, they're pretty fucked up, but so are the people that don't do it for attention.
#15.Abortion: I think a woman should have the right to decide what she wants to do to her own body. Nobody should be able to change that.

#16.What do you think happens to us when we die? I don't know.

+Word Association

#17.Sky: blue
#18.Love: hurts
#19.Hate: emilie
#20.Dance: fun
#21.Risque: sex

+ Misc

#22.Make us laugh. "what are you drawing?" "a liger" "whats that" "pretty much my favorite animal. its a lion and a tiger mixed"

just because they were in a room moaning doesn't mean they were having sex. they could've been... trying to fit large animals into a small jar.

#23.promote us somewhere and provide a link.
#24. Any last words? <3

+ Photos at least 3 clear photos of yourself


im on the left

im the one without the ears

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