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The Rise Against Eating Disorders

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Riot not diet!

This is a community dedicated to preventing the rise of eating disorders and the media that promotes them.

"It's about being comfortable in your body, having pleasure in that body, despite what tradition may tell you you're supposed to do with it."


  • Be nice! If you decide you want to be rude, we'll ban your ass. Simple as that. =)
  • If you are posting more than 2 pictures, please use the lj-cut.
  • None of that pro-ana-mia-giving-us-shit bull! If you're pro-ed, that's just fine, but please refrain from making pro-ed posts, such as thinspiration.
  • We don't want number posts. If you post measurements, your ass is grass and we're the lawn-mower.


    "A riot grrl loves to eat. Fuck those anorexic magazines that tell you to eat 'lite' or 'fat free' and remain thin enough to get knocked over by some big bully. Be strong, be muscled, and eat well! Women are always worried that they're not sexy enough, and that's usually code for 'not skinny enough.' But riot grrls are changing the meaning of sexy. Sexy is living in the body you have, enjoying it, and not giving a shit if some asshole thinks women shouldn't be as big as they damn well please. Have some cheese fries for me today, grrls!"

    Thanks to spidersky we have a banner for your info page.

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