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This is what we do in Painting...

The junior mod will need to change their status to Senior Mod & So forth + you will need to find mods for the other Class Posistions otherwise this community will die when me & Sarah graduate.


Hi everybody. I just wanted to let you all know that the new year of Key Club has officially started. And I, the new President, have taken in upon myself to try to recruit some new members.

In Key Club, we do not make keys, nor do we pick up garbage on the side of the road, although we could if we really wanted to. Key Club is an INTERNATIONAL service club completely run by highschoolers, but with a little help from Kiwanis members if needed. In RHS's Key Club, we often play bingo at retirment homes, do walks for different organizations, and other things. This year, our big project was Kids Against Hunger. There, we filled special plastic bags with certain types of foood. It's one of those just-add-water deals. Anyways, each bag can feed 6 adults or 12 children and are sent all over the world to hungry people. Last month, we made over TEN THOUSAND bags! That's over 60,000 adults and 120,000 children! It only took about three hours and it was really fun. We even got together with other clubs and Kiwanis's in our area to make the work load a little lighter. We're also trying to get our school-wide paper recyling program going.

Also, at the end of every Key Club year (which is late-March/early-April), all of the Key Clubs in Michigan (there are 110 so far!) are invited to the District Key Club Convention. This year, it was last weekend. There were over 400 kids there, and we had loads of fun. We get together and do different service projects (Kids Against Hunger, Make A Child Smile, and The Linus Project). We have two dances: a casual one, and one called the Governor's Ball. You have to wear a Homecoming dress and whatnot. It's really fun. Other than that, we have some pretty nice meals, award ceremonies, and important people make speeches (it's really not too boring though). This year they gave us pens to use to draw on the paper tablecloths. There's also a talent contest as well as an oratorical contest during dinner.

If you are a member of NHS and need service hours, this club is GREAT for that! Even if you're not in NHS, Key Club is open to anyone that wants to join, as long as they go to RHS. I promise you'll love it if you give it a chance. It's great for making friends and helping out the school and the community.

Meetings are every Wednesday right after school in Ms. Callender's room (A-167). Meetings are usually about 15-20 minutes long. If you're in a sport and can't miss the beginning of practice (my coach's were usually understanding), it's ok. You don't have to come to every meeting. If you just come to our projects, that is perfectly fine. Or the other way around. Just as long as you're involved somehow.

If you have any more questions, you can reply to this or ask me at school (Bethany Ciemnicki). I hope to see you next Wednesday!
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my locker is next to the Holy locker in senior hall.

if they [tiffany gregg] can do that i am going to post stuff to "influence" people to be vegetarians.


no offense to religious people.

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if you have any pictures from the summer you would like in the yearbook please bring them in and give them to a yearbook staff member or Mr.Hagen.

if you would like to buy a PDA or an Ad in the yearbook please contact a yearbook staff member or Mr.Hagen.

if you want to buy a yearbook for this year go to www.ybpay.com

any questions?


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Anybody else disagree of this no eating in the hallways. Mrs.Reynolds sent me in the cafetria and almst gave me detentiona and everything cause i had a bag of chips nobody else got busted beisdes me for that I jsut walked in the cafetira and wlaked out and some other lunch lady was just like yeah eat here thats stupid.Where did htis rule come from.


Yeah, I'm not a senior, but uh, I think Kelsey should have won most original, since those are two good words to describe her. ... So are slightly & awkward, but that's not the point.

What do you think is the worst that could happen to me if I decided to never show up for my first hour again? Just curious.
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