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Desired character- River
Favorite episode- the one after The Awful Truth, where Travis fights with Carter
Favorite ship- Triver, Travis/Carter
Have you read the rules- Buddha once said...

Other characters you might wanna add:
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Desired character- Lilly Randal
Favorite episode- Shoot forgot the name but the one with Mr. Roscoe
Favorite ship- Lilly and Ray goodness
Have you read the rules- Yes why yes I have.

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Desired character-Grace
Favorite episode-These Bossy Boots Were made for walking
Favorite ship-Ray/Lily,Ed/Ted
Have you read the rules-Yup.
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We're going to start the rpg. New members still need to be recruited, but for the time being, If you need a character thats open, you can mention them, and control them until we find members.

I need to know the usernames that will be used.

And for brainstorming sessions, Im thinking here we can have a weekly discussion if it involves more than 2 characters, if not, we can exchange email addresses.

I need for y'all to update your journals. We arent following episodes[that means you make up your own plotlines] but I don't want drastic changes. NO DEATHS, or anything extreme. Also, if your character and another have sex, thats fine, but we do NOT want details in your entry.

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Desired character: Robbie
Favorite episode: These Bossy Boots Were Made for Walking
Favorite ship: Kimbie :D
Have you read the rules: Buddha once said that passion is an illusion. Well maybe this makes me a bad Buddhist, but the passion between Kim and Robbie is real!