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Quick question

Is there a good way to change format of a song from a .wma to an mp3?
Is it even necessary?
I'm trying desperately to finish up a mix I'm making, but some of the songs are in mp3 format and some are in wma. Will this cause a problem for people if I zip it all up in one happy file.

I can't download iTunes on my computer because it won't run with Windows ME.

Any suggestions?

Help needed with mix

Sorry about the OT post, but I need a little help.
I've made a mix, changed it to MP3 format and now I'm a little bit at a loss as to how to get it out there. I've gone to YouSendIt and it says that you have to specify an email address.
Do I just send it to myself and then post the link here?
Also, is it better to post each individual track or zip it, and if zipping is the best option, how do I do that?

Sorry, this is my first time trying this and I'm a bit stooopid about it all.