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ficmix: I’ve never met a tigerlope I didn’t like - A mix for Lorne while on KP

minervacat, my brilliant otp, has written a hilarious new sga fic, A Shopping Cart Full of Cans, explaining major lorne's absence from the first half of season 3. of course, min and i thoroughly enjoyed watching kavan on "the 4400" last summer, but we missed him as lorne. inspired by this ridiculous story, i present to you:

I've never met a tigerlope I didn't like - A mix for Lorne while on KP (at my journal)

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Fic Mix - The Best of The Puddlejumpers: Bootleg Edition

So a while back, I wrote and wychwood illustrated a story called Four Quarters, in which John, Rodney, Teyla, and Ford (and later, Ronon) are in a band called The Puddlejumpers.

Obviously, a band AU needs a music mix to go along with it.

But there are also many more stories to be told in this universe, so a simple mix grew instead into a companion story, with the songs woven into the narrative (or perhaps more accurately, the narrative woven around the songs). wychwood made beautiful liner notes and formatted the whole thing.

If you want to experience the whole story, I recommend that you read Four Quarters first. Both it and the mix fic are McKay/Sheppard and rated R for some sexin'.

If you're just in it for the music (understandable *g*), here is a Collapse )

Songs are available in a .zip file and individually (right-click save).

Please comment here if you download. We'd love to hear your thoughts on any aspect of this project.

Read/listen to: The Best of The Puddlejumpers: Bootleg Edition
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fic mix - What Is And What Should Never Be (Three Fates Mix)

here being what is not the first, and nor will likely be the last mix inspired by the fabbity fab fab fic (yay alliteration!) by auburnnothenna and eretria, called "Three Fates":

Collapse )

comments are love - please comment if you're downloading, because the links are going down with very few people saying they're nicking! holler if you need a reup.
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fic mix - Descend Like Stars

Many thanks to shoemaster for her help! I wouldn't have gotten the final mix done if it weren't for her.

Three Fates, a story by auburnnothenna and eretria, has eaten my brain and this is the mix I was compelled to make. It spans the whole story and hopefully conveys the emotions and mood therein.

Collapse )

As always, comments are appreciated, especially if you're downloading from the server. Linking to keep comments in one place.

tracklist and details here
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Fic Mix, Into Oblivion

Into Oblivion was inspired by Three Fates which is the latest collaboration of SGA fanfiction writers eretria & auburnnothenna. The story can be found at their shared journal, allusory_tea.

I won't give any details as to why I picked the songs and to which scenes they're dedicated - there would be too many spoilers. I'll come back and add details to the track list once Fates is completely posted. Until then, this compilation along with the music the authors picked themselves might intensify the experience of reading Fates (not that it needs intensifying :)).

So here be music:

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