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Carson/Daniel - Memories of a Different Life

Memories of a Different Life - A Carson/Daniel fanmix

After three months of work (which mostly involved tracking down the songs themselves…) here it is - the first ever Carson/Daniel mix, complete with art.

There may be some minor spoilers for SGA and SG-1 but nothing major, as this does focus mainly on the relationship rather than the show.

It’s a little image heavy I’m afraid (front and back covers and art for each of the 22 songs).

Can be found at carson_daniel here

SGC and Atlantis Personnel - Abnormal: A Stargate Fanmix

The people of the SGC and Atlantis lead anything but normal lives. This is their fanmix.

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This is my first fanmix. If it is similar to an already-existing fanmix, it is completely coincidental. If there are any problems with the links or such, let me know. Please comment if you download! Enjoy. :)