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so close to touching freedom.

[ late night atlantis: music for fucking, fighting and flying - a mix by halo ]

a mostly instrumental mix, with some vocals scattered in there from time to time. I picked tracks with a late-night feel to them-- a soundtrack for those lost hours when the sky is painted with shades of purple and crimson, you're standing beneath the cold light of the stars, almost on the edge of forever, feeling like anything is possible.

full size covers, tracklisting and download link at my journal [ here. ]
[Misc] Moonlight

Gotham City (Best of Part II of the Flying Disco) - SGA Mix

I had some problems getting Atlantis to fly and spin (stupid ZPMs *headdesk*) but now the Flying Disco is ready to fire ^-^ Light shows and heavy beats are waiting for you.

And I believe that the Stargate can do some cool moves as well. I mean the whole spinning and flashing is somewhat disco-like...

Please right-click and save as! Thanks ;) (There's a .zip-file as well)

Gotham City (Best of Part II of the Flying Disco)
[Misc] Moonlight

River Town (Best of Part I of the Flying Disco) - SGA Mix

You know, in reality Atlantis is a flying disco. Really. A giant music box that can float and produce nice light shows (aka drone time, baby!)

What? I'm sugar high *points at strawberry cake, chocolate muffins and blueberry cookies* See, I'm all innocent here *nods* But Mercy's brain comes up with the most weird theories when sugar joins in.

Therefore, 'Lantis is a flying disco and wanted to have a song mix. It can be very persuasive...

Please right-click and save as! Thanks ;) (There's a .zip-file sas well)

River Town (Best of Part I of the Flying Disco) at my journal
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Atlantis - Wounds of War

Many thanks to shoemaster for the feedback and and to katydidmischief for making the lovely cover for this mix.

A compilation following Atlantis from the time of the Alterans 10,000 years ago to the Atlantis expedition through season 1.

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Linking to my entry to try and keep the comments in one place :) But comments anywhere are always appreciated!

tracklist and downloads here

exitsign: I hope I labeled this right. If not, let me know and I'll change it ^^