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Carson/Perna - Moments Like This

"Moments Like This", a Carson/Perna mix from 'Poisoning the Well'

*note* this one has been done for a while. i think it was the second one i did, but the fact that one particular song is on here that was used and reused to death, i decided not to post it because i didn't want to seem like a sheep. i honestly didn't notice how often it was used until AFTER this was finished...but then decided that it might as well be now as later, because otherwise i'll never post it. and i actually quite like it. so i wanted to post it.

and then it took me forever to do the cover art, cos i couldn't decide what i wanted. so this is "old"...

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this is the first time i've done an episodic-type mix. so i hope i'm not totally off the mark. enjoy.