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SGA - Teyla Emmagan - Don't Turn Your Back On Me

This mix has been on the go for about a year. It started with Black Magic Woman and then stalled for a long time. It may feel a little disjoined as there are several styles of music in here, but I think that fits the character, someone who inhabits two societies in many ways, and who can't always bridge the gap between them.
I hope you enjoy it, and I hope that my comments make some sense.

8 tracks + .rar + cover art. Tracks are all .mp3 format. Tracks are uploaded to Sendspace. Rar file is on Sendspace and YouSendIt. If you have any problems let me know and I'll sort something else out.

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Don't Turn Your Back On Me - .rar file (SS) Don't Turn Your Back On Me - .rar file (YSI) (36Mb)

Edited because I'm a muppet and forgot to change the name on the .rar download link.
Comments are, as ever, very much appreciated.
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Teyla Emmagan: Welcome to the Team

I actually had this done a few months ago, but have been sitting on it because I couldn't figure out what to do for the cover. Today I finally decided to thrown down a cover and this is what I have.

The idea I had was that Ford is kind of crushing on Teyla and in typical fashion makes her a mix of songs that she'd like. Very tribal sort of things with a few songs of sadness and loss. In my mind, Teyla never really had a chance to listen to it until after the Wraith siege and Sheppard & co had gone back to Earth for a while.

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Individual tracks up for a limited time. Links below are for zip of all songs plus cover. Please use the YSI & Megaupload links if you can and the server if you can't get those to work. Comments are appreciated! Thank you!

Server: download
YSI: mirror 1 | mirror 2
megaupload: download

Let me know if there are any problems with the downloads. :)

Edit 11/12 @ 10AM EST: This is 24 hour notice for files on server. They will be taken down Sunday morning.

Edit 11/13: Server files are down, but megaupload will remain active.