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Rodney McKay – An Allies Mix: Rodney’s Reflection

An Allies Mix: Rodney’s Reflection

This is a mix about Rodney’s reaction to the Season 2 finale, Allies. So, SPOILERS FOR ALLIES - I really suggest avoiding this one if you haven’t seen the episode!! I don't want to ruin it for people, so I'm not going to go into any more detail here, but if you're interested, follow the links below!

Further ramblings about the mix
Cover Art
The Tracks

Hope you enjoy!! Comments are love!

Rodney McKay - Avalanche

"Avalanche", a Rodney McKay post-Trinity mix

this is a mix about anger, depression, and forgiving oneself. it's an easy-going sort, populated, as it is, with alternative-style rock bands. i think that we've only seen, intermittently, the reprocussions of that one action, and it was seeing elizabeth tell him that he could have killed millions of people, and the look of horror on his face, that led to this.

the title of this mix is from a song not on it. the song is "avalanche" by matthew good, and it very repetitively says "one foot in front of the other, one foot back to counter it", signifying the forwards and backwards of depression, anger, and forgiveness. i felt that was the perfect way to sum up the whole shebang.

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comments appreciated, so i know who's downloading. i hope you enjoy.
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rodney mix: this is not mine

This is not Dr. Rodney McKay's CD. Zelenka just happened to find it buried under a mountain of papers on Rodney's desk when he was looking for schematics on some piece of Ancient tech. The fact that sometimes passersby can hear the chorus of "Teenage Dirtbag" through the closed lab doors when McKay is in there alone is not proof that the CD is his.

Because it's not. Really.

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Linking to my entry to try and keep the comments in one place :) But comments anywhere are always appreciated!

tracklist and downloads here
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Welcome to my Life - Rodney McKay Fanmix

This is my first try at a fanmix, so I hope its ok. Rodney is by far my favouite character and so it is no real surprise that I made a mix for him ;) I'm not sure if I should be posting this while I'm so tired but meh... let me know if I've made any huge errors.

EDIT: - 16/11/05 - Links Updated!

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Links are currently from You Send It, let me know if they run out. I'm working on moving them somewhere more permanet, hang with me ;)

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Rodney fanmix- 5/6ths- It's Not an Exact Science!

Notes: Okay, this is sooner than I thought. Sweet. Hopefully this one is in better shape. All songs mp3! I swear! *whimpers* They are on mylildementor's site this time so please please right click and save. If you kill her bandwidth streaming.....bad things will happen to you. Think of the bunny in Holy Grail.

Rodney is the love of my life and gets the most songs. Deal with it. mylildementor also did the cover art and helped a lot and is basically owed my entire savings at this point. I <3 you Lil. I will send more candy and porn at later date. As well as 25 page letter to church on why you should be sainted.

Moving along....

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