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John Sheppard - Probably Slept With Her Too

Okay, the basic point of this mix seems to be John Sheppard's failed relationships. It's his ups and downs in the dating world. You've got happy, sad, and apologetic. It's for the ex-wife, the sister of his best friend, that girl at the mall, that one stewardess, the playboy model, and more than likely someone's mom.

John Sheppard: Probably Slept With Her Too
[SG-1] The 4 of Us

General Atlantis Mix

I hope that this is right.

Stargate Atlantis Fanmix

So this mix was supposed to be a general mix about Atlantis, the city and the show. No one character was driving it, actually a song was, 'We built this city' by Jefferson Starship. It hit a chord with me, the SGA bunch don't play by the rules and the song is all about sticking it to the man. Then it evolved into that being a sort of John anthem, then the wheels really came off my carefully thought out plan. So instead of a general Atlantis mix, we have a John centric mix about Atlantis and what it means to the people there, and especially John. This mix is a sort of pre-Atlantis mix for John, and then leads into them all being in Atlantis. There's McShep, in either a romantic sense [which I'd lean towards] or just a friends sense. It's really about love of this city and the city's love for it's people.

Comments are loved, and please let me know if you need it reuploading.
The artwork contains season 3 promo images, and there are possibly vague spoilers for all aired episodes of season 3.

Download and graphics [Not dial up safe]
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John Sheppard - Ferris Wheels & Hail Marys

"Ferris Wheels & Hail Marys", a John Sheppard mix

been sitting on this one awhile. i went through a stage where i made about nine mixtapes. and then because posting them all at once would be insane, i spaced them out. only to have other ideas in the interim which i did up and posted. so this is technically "old", but by that i mean a few months...

i wanted this to be a mixtape FOR john and about john, but to, at the same time, be the sort of mixtape that he made for himself. they've got a particular feel to the songs, the sort that i imagine john sheppard listens to. there is no dave matthews band on here because they have like, ninety bajillion albums, and finding just one perfect song would be next to impossible. so i'm leaving that quest for another day.

so each song has two purposes. one purpose for the mixtape-john-made, and one for the mixtape-of-john-sheppard-of-atlantis. (if that makes sense)

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John Sheppard - Fly Boy EP

(i think this is still classifed as an EP, because despite it being exactly 8 tracks, it's still under 30 minutes...)

"Fly Boy" EP, a Lt. Col. John Sheppard mixtape

so this one was started because of the songs "sharp darts" and "roadhouse blues" because they're both on my "driving" mix. the ones that make me want to rev the engine and just go like i'm on the autobahn. this makes up one of three parts of a mix that was supposed to be "all-john", and was far too long, so it just sorta fell into three distinct pieces. this one encompasses john-the-pilot.

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comments appreciated, feedback encouraged.

John Sheppard--Are They Supposed to be Naked?

You know what? I suck. Like mad. I have screwed up all of this in one way or another. Wow. I swear Rodney will be better. *clings to Rodney*

Notes: Okay, so awhile ago, exitsign made a Shep mix that I loved like crack and I thought well, I'll do one. Then I decided to do one for Rodney and Carson. [Seperately. The slash mixes shall come much later.] Mostly because I wanted to have mixes to listen to when I am trying to write the characters.

I was planning on writing drabbles for each song, but that has not happened very well [you can see from the beginning post of this community that I was planning this last month and not doing it. I suck] with the John one so I'm going to have more of those up with the Rodney and Carson ones later. Plus, mythicalkiss made the cover art for Shep's and I think that works by itself. Liz is the frelling best! I did write one drabble, it is for mylildementor for giving me Dr. Who. And yes, I do write bad fic for fun. Ask around.

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I am pretty sure all the songs are labeled correctly, Jane can kick my ass later if they aren't. I'm lazy that way. Much like Shep. All of these will be on yousendit until I can figure out how the frell to get them to work on lil's site. So it may have more permant home later.

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