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Elizabeth Weir: I tell you a story...

So it seems Elizabeth is featured in lots of Sparky mixes... but I figured it was time she get a mix all her own. This mix is about Elizabeth, her struggles and her triumphs. Her typically complicated relationship with Simon. Leadership and moral accountability. Her somewhat dubious position in fandom, because Elizabeth is perhaps the most misunderstood, misconstrued, and misinterpreted Atlantean character. Songs are associated with episodes spanning both seasons, though nothing is particularly spoilerey.

Beta-thanks to heylittleriver, who listened and sent me pretty graphics and provided much helpful advice. And who has been encouraging me (via frequent email *pokes*) to post this for some time now. Okay? I posted it!

Download via sendspace for as long as they're there. File formats are mp3 or m4a, as specified. Coverart, tracklisting, episode references, lyrics and downloads are all under the cut...

EDIT: now with .zip file of the whole mix! (thanks heylittleriver!)

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Elizabeth Weir - Something in the Air

"Something in the Air", an Elizabeth Weir love mix

so what do you do when you fall in love with your second-in-command? awfully typical of a woman, isn't it, to bring love into everything? so what now? this is an elizabeth-loves-john mix, with, i hope, a hint of regret because she did leave someone back home who loves her very much. even if he's better at saying it to sam carter than to her (heh heh). this is realizing love, and accepting it, but not doing anything about it just yet.

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