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so close to touching freedom.

[ intergalactic kickass! ~ music for space battles ] - a mix by halo

intergalactic kickass! ~ music for space battles
] - a mix by halo

what's filtering through the puddlejumper's sound system when Sheppard, Lorne and their teams take to the skies to go head to head with a Wraith cruiser or a fresh batch of replicators? Rodney and Ronon's banter, punctuated by Teyla's quiet sighs of exasperation, sure-- but besides that? perhaps something a little like this: twenty four songs to set the mood for a little intergalactic housekeeping. in space, no one can hear you scream-- but they sure do appreciate some accomplished air-guitar maneuvers. I'd like to think that not even Wraith!Todd could resist rocking out a little to this one :D

full size covers, tracklisting and download link at my journal [ here. ]

SGC and Atlantis Personnel - Abnormal: A Stargate Fanmix

The people of the SGC and Atlantis lead anything but normal lives. This is their fanmix.

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This is my first fanmix. If it is similar to an already-existing fanmix, it is completely coincidental. If there are any problems with the links or such, let me know. Please comment if you download! Enjoy. :)

main characters - Red Light Atlantis

Basically this idea has been floating around in my mind for a while now. I think it's the result of reading way too many porny fics.
My hope is that some of these songs will inspire more porny fics.

So I give you Red Light Atlantis.
(Aka, the Atlantis lapdance cd)

This is my first attempt at trying to get songs off of a cd and then changed to MP3 format and then zipped and uploaded. Seriously, almost too many steps there.
I hope it works out well.
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BSG; Roslin/Adama; Dance With Me

Atlantis: Start a War

So I've thinking about this for a while now, and over the past couple of weeks I've finally compiled my own Atlantis fanmix! Its darker than normal, but don't let that stop you, mostly centers around the war with the Wraith.

Stargate Atlantis: Start a War

Where I ramble about the Fanmix

Cover Art

Track Listings and Downloads

Comments are loved and adored!
so close to touching freedom.

theme for great cities: a mix for Atlantis

this is what happens when I listen to music and think, "wow, you know, this would make a great song for Atlantis..."

and so, a mix cd was born. and-- because I just couldn't cut it down any further than I already have, it turned into a double.

theme for great cities: a mix for Atlantis

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tracklistings, mix notes and download links at my journal [ here. ]

all comments most welcome, and enjoy! :)