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radio free atlantis

we built this city

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What does John sing in the shower? What was stuck in Rodney's head while he was taking his MENSA exam? What's on Chuck's iPod? What are the perfect Ronon/Teyla songs? If Ford/Beckett had a soundtrack, what would it be? What's blaring out of the Wraith's speakers during their wild Hive Ship parties?

These are burning questions and it's up to you to answer them! Or something sort of like that.

Welcome to Radio Free Atlantis, your one-stop shop for every kind of SGA fanmix imaginable! What's a fanmix? Well... it's a mix. Made by a fan. It's kind of self-explanatory. You should join!

1. Any character, any pairing, any theme. As long as it's Stargate: Atlantis related, that is. It doesn't matter if it's been done before, it doesn't matter if it's crazy, crazy crack, we want it! All your fanmix are belong to us.

2. One mix per post.

3. Four song minimum. Singles are cool, and sometimes one song is just so perfect that you think you don't need anything else. But you do. Well, at least you do here. Also, anything less than eight songs must be marked as an EP in your subject line.

4. Speaking of subject lines, to make it easier for people to know what they're getting into, please format with the subject of your mix and the title of your mix in your subject line when you post. If you do not understand what this means, please see here and here.

5. LJ-Cut! Everything must be behind a cut! Leave something to the imagination, would you? Geez.

6. Cover art is not required. It would be awesome -- anything from a simple, resized picture with some text to an all-out, twenty-page liner note extravaganza -- but it is not a requirement. If you do choose to do art but are unsure what size to make it, see here.

7. If you're uploading to your own server, please keep your music up for at least a week so people have a chance to download. If you don't have a server or enough server space, see the resources section.

8. Please have all your song files named correctly. Some of us aren't patient enough to rename files as we download and end up with a ton of completely mysterious mp3s. And while mystery is exciting, sometimes it's just better to be straightforward about things. So, Artist - Title, please.

9. Since SGA canon changes sometimes weekly (new episodes, duh), spoilers are really hard to peg down. We're going to try to play it somewhat safe and say that, if you've got something specific in your mix and it's not just a sort of random, nebulous thing? Warn! Spoilers through "Siege II" or something along those lines will be fine.

10. No off-topic posts. Come on, there are at least nine billion SGA communities out there, find one that will work for whatever non-fanmix thing you want to post.

11. Remember to comment if you like a mix. Comments keep little, fannish hearts beating!

12. The last and most important rule? Don't be a jerk. This community is for everyone and rudeness will not be tolerated. There will be no bashing of music choice, no mocking of artistic skill, no shipwars -- basically, if you can't say something nice, keep your trap shut.

iTunes (program for ripping songs from CD and converting files to mp3)
audiograbber (freeware program for ripping music from CDs)
epitonic (free and legal music)
songmeanings.net (for lyrics)

cover art:
stargatecaps.com (screencaps from the show)
DaFont (fonts)

winzip (program for zipping multiple files)
the big list (list of free hosting sites for mp3s and zip files)
photobucket (free hosting for cover art)
imageshack (free hosting for cover art)

cortexradio: The Firefly Fanmix Community
fic_mix: The Fanfic Soundtrack Project
driving_music: Supernatural Fanmixes
rftardis: Doctor Who Fanmixes

For more information on how to get your community listed here, see this post.

carleton97 and exitsign are your mods. (Don't make them work too hard, they're lazy.) Questions, community issues, fanmail, and marriage proposals may be sent to radiofreeatlantis @ gmail.com.

Fine print: Radio Free Atlantis does not promote or encourage the sharing of illegal, copyrighted files. Should any members choose to participate in file-sharing, the members bear full responsibility and liability. Radio Free Atlantis does not claim responsibility for any of the members, the files obtained, or their activities. The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with any music you may collect here is your own responsibility. Rules adapted in part from fanmix.

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