Ellie (ellieptical) wrote in _rfa,

McShep: This Ferris Wheel ain't no Equilateral Triangle

Stargate Atlantis, McShep.

This ferris wheel ain't no equilateral triangle

This is a collection of songs that I think of when I think about the canon McSheppiness and the fanon McSheppiness. They're either songs about John, or Rodney, or songs from one another's perspective and there's even one in here from Jeannie to John about Rodney. They go in roughly chronological order from pre-Atlantis through to midseason 3. Following a plot I had in my head about John and Rodney resisting the attraction to each other, eventually giving in, breaking up and working it all back out. It's both angsty with a hopeful spin. SPOILERS FOR SEASON 3. NOT DIAL UP FRIENDLY.

Comments are nice.

Images and Download at my icon journal
Tags: slash:mckay/sheppard

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