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Rodney fanmix- 5/6ths- It's Not an Exact Science!

Notes: Okay, this is sooner than I thought. Sweet. Hopefully this one is in better shape. All songs mp3! I swear! *whimpers* They are on mylildementor's site this time so please please right click and save. If you kill her bandwidth streaming.....bad things will happen to you. Think of the bunny in Holy Grail.

Rodney is the love of my life and gets the most songs. Deal with it. mylildementor also did the cover art and helped a lot and is basically owed my entire savings at this point. I <3 you Lil. I will send more candy and porn at later date. As well as 25 page letter to church on why you should be sainted.

Moving along....

Rodney mix cover
Rodney mix back

  1. Arrogant Worms: It's Great to be a Nerd
  2. Tears for Fears: Everyone Wants to Rule the World
  3. The Hives: Hate to Say I Told You So
  4. Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie: The War of 1812
  5. Bangles: Hazy Shade of Winter
  6. Don Cherry: The Hockey Song
  7. DV Roxx: Hard Core Mutha Fucka
  8. Rufus Wainwright: The Art Teacher
  9. Arrogant Worms: The Coffee Song
  10. Enon: Natural Disasters
  11. The Killers: All the Things that I've Done
  12. The Stokes: You Talk Way Too Much
  13. LostProphets: We are Godzilla, You are Japan
  14. Wise Guys: Meine Heisse Liebe
  15. Arrogant Worms: Canada is Really Big
  16. The Bravery: Honest Mistake
  17. Nirvana: All Apologies [unplugged version]

Bonus Track: I am Canadian!

Translation for Meine Heisse Liebe hier. Scroll down. Thank you to severusslave for the song and translation. And yes, it will be spelled incorrectly on the cover. Sorry. No, no, it won't, Lil fixed it. Thank you to exitsign for several of the songs again. You are teh sex Jane.

There are drabbles for this of course. Five this time.

They are all here:

Tags: gen single:rodney mckay

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