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Fri, Mar. 10th, 2006, 02:03 pm
exitsign: John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla - safety in numbers

I sort of just wanted to try something different this time. So that's what that's about. I've read a few OT4 stories (ie, every single one that I've come across) and I just find it to be so weirdly interesting. Like, really, what's weirder than sleeping with three different people? Who all know about it. And are fine with it. In fact, they kind of want you to. Especially if you're going to do it in front of them. That's just weird. And hot. Really hot. It's actually mostly just the really, really hot and all the rest of the crap I'm saying is filler so I won't look like nothing but the enormous perv that I am. I bet you had no idea, right? Oh, yeah. I'm seriously cunning.

There are two songs for each of them but they're not in any sort of order or anything and it's up to you to figure it out on your own which are which. I did that to throw off The Man. Or maybe because this is just the way it flowed best and I want to be annoying and pretentious and not explain anything the way I should. One of the two. Oh. The art is, um... it's weird. I don't know why, I just is. It's a thing. um. On the whole, it'll either work for you or it won't. It's sort of like everything else in life that way. ahah. But way better because it involves much more porn than real life ever does. SO. MUCH. PORN.

Tracks are mp3. And... and... Well, that's it, actually. Thank you for looking, I hope you like it. :)


1. The Presets, "Down Down Down"
nobody here/we're on our own/turn up the lights/and now we're ready/ready for love/the time is now/don't hide your eyes/i feel so good/say hello tonight/i'll take you to/the other side/come on and see me/i wanna go down down/wanna go down down/wanna go

2. Queens of the Stone Age, "No One Knows"
we get some rules to follow/that and this/these and those/no one knows/we get these pills to swallow/how they stick/in your throat/taste like gold/oh, what you do to me/no one knows/and i realize you're mine/indeed a fool am i/and i realize you're mine/indeed a fool am i

3. The New Pornographers, "Three or Four"
give me a home/where the past won't pay no mind/in case i'm bringing my own/bring me a team/of replacements, just in case/the place i'm taking's my own/own, own, own/own, own, own/three or four hourglass/three or four hourglass

4. The Cloud Room, "Blackout!"
blackout, oh, the blackout/cause you never ever find us/we go out in the cold cold fire/you never ever, cold cold liar/now we shine/and you never ever find us/we go out in the cold cold fire/you never ever, cold cold liar/now we shine

5. Goldfrapp, "Slide In"
so close i could touch it/i'm dreaming, don't wake up/slide in, feel the future/rushing slowly/light now/nothing makes me feel like/show me real love/right now

6. Measles Mumps Rubella, "Algorithm of Desire"
do, do you find/find yourself in the strange, strange embrace/of a, of a stagnant metaphor/what are we, what are we fighting for?/only you can know/your solution, yet there is no/resolution/must keep movement/moving/make life worth, worth pursing/make sure that you are/that you are happy/oh, rid me/oh, rid me/rid of me, of this, rid me of this anger/that has me suffering

7. Sneaker Pimps, "Blue Movie"
exposure on a tv screen - technicolor rainbow kiss/bruises on a solarplex, baby-faced and biting lips/all the boys and all the girls cutting ice with instant thrills/insects and incest friends - heaven dust that judas spilled/get on that gospel train for my lord has come too soon/watching movies, true blue movies

8. Clor, "Dangerzone"
watch out, you're entering the dangerzone/we might start something that's emotional/our pockets, full of little miracles/that help us through the long and dark and darkly blue, blue days/we'll make our minds with every passing day/our fear, a change could blow the game away/our futures, right here in the dangerzone/come join us deep within the long and dark and ugly days

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- Images from New Atlantis.
- Font used: Century Gothic