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ADMIN: subject lines and spoiler warnings

Okay, so we're apparently still having some trouble remembering to format our subject lines properly. It wasn't really a big deal at first (and still isn't really a HUGE deal) but I'm just sort of tired of trying to guess what the hell your mix is about when I'm reading my fpage. Subject - Title, my fanmixing buddies. It's not hard, I promise you. Subject - Title. Subject - Title. Subject - Title. Subject - Title. Subject - Title. Subject - Title. Subject - Title. Subject - Title. I want it exactly like that. Exactly. I don't want a colon, I don't want a semicolon, I don't want a comma, I don't want the subject second, I don't want just the title, I definitely don't want a blank one -- Subject - Title, only.

Some examples:
John Sheppard - omgpleaseformatproperlykthnx
(This would be for single character gen.)

main characters - format! properly! please!
(This would be for when you have an eleventy-hundred Atlantean character gen mix.)

Genii - Because I'd Really Dig Some Proper Formatting
(This would be for non-Atlantean gen.)

McKay/Zelenka - I really, really would
(This would be for a pairing mix.)

Teyla, Elizabeth - Seriously, people, I'm not kidding
(This would be how you do the rare and exotic thing called a friendship mix!)

fic mix - for the love of all that's holy!
(I ♥ fic mixes.)

I format all the links in the masterlist this way, if you want to look over there for some further-but-amazingly-non-obnoxious examples.

Starting now, if you make a post without the proper subject line, I'm going to have to ask you to change it. Ooh, scary, I know. But that's just going to take up your time and mine and I'm very busy with all the nothing that I do all day so... yes. (And, in the off chance that I ask you to change your subject line and you don't? Well, then I'll have to delete your post. I doubt that will happen though because I don't think any of you are, like, four or anything. That would make baby Athosians cry though so let's not go there. That would be a sucky place to go, I think. Yes.)

Also? Just to remind everyone -- please remember your spoiler warnings! Very important, that. There are still some sad souls who haven't seen the new episodes and don't want to know all of the awesome that has happened until they can see it for themselves. I know, I know, it's hard to believe, but we do exist. We're like Santa Claus -- you can't see us, you can't touch us, you just have to believe in us and the magic of Christmas will be yours. Or something. I have no idea, I just don't like spoilers.

In conclusion, Subject - Title and spoilers are bad. Okay? Okay! Good to know we're all on the same page! Feel free to comment or e-mail me privately if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Thumbs up and all that. Be excellent to each other. May the force be with you. Rock on.
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