Cim (cimness) wrote in _rfa,

this is a general season one mix that is supposed to end at "the siege part ii".  it's more or less in chronological order.  the music is a random mixture of genre.

eta: about half these songs are in .m4a format. i don't have them any other way. however, itunes is free.

1. pink - humble neighborhoods mu
we don't wanna go home (or perhaps that should be rendered as weeeeeee don't wanna gooooo hoooooome)
2. sarah slean - playing cards with judas mu
your friends have good intentions, but they're a thousand years too late.  a few buildings and commandments won't save you from your fate
3. weird al - genius in france mu
don't know why, mon frere, but they love me there--i'm a genius in france
4. garbage - the trick is to keep breathing mu
she's not the kind of girl who likes to show the world about the way she feels about herself
5. west indian girl - what are you afraid of mu
what are you fighting for? what are you dying for? to be free
6. pentti hietanen - st james infirmary mu
i went down to st james infirmary and i saw my baby there
7. hawksley workman - don't be crushed mu
it's pretty, i suppose, from inside a plane that's headed for another place
8. pink - my vietnam mu
life keeps on dropping bombs and i keep score
9. manic street preachers - epicentre mu
i'm breaking and i'm shaking--so delete the feeling
10. frou frou - holding out for a hero mu
i need a hero
11. emiliana torrini - wednesday's child mu
do the right thing, win or lose
12. hilary duff - fly mu
in a moment everything can change
13. spooks - things i've seen mu
i've tasted the bitter tragedy of lives wasted
14. abbey lincoln - brother, can you spare a dime? mu
half a million boots went slogging through hell; i was the kid with the drum
15. placebo - running up that hill mu
you don't want to hurt me, but see how deep the bullet lies
16. esthero - final home mu
i am pure now, safe inside my final home

17. kent - sundance kid mu  (this song is in swedish)
ammunitionen tog slut till sist.  nu kan du kalla mig the sundance kid

zip file: comment if you download it, please.
Tags: gen group:main characters

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