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The Glorious Glitter Revolution

...no you won't fool...

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The Glorious Glitter Revolution is an aesthetic, philosophical, and social movement that is undeniably changing everything.

Current Plans
~To clone an army of pretty boys, arm them with glitter, and take over the world.
~To write novels and comics of such stunning brilliance that they cause you to fall weeping to the floor, and thereafter to structure your entire life on our principles.
~To create a word for the feeling of wanting to make a revolution.

We have a soundtrack, uniforms, minions, provisions, fancy titles, and all the other tools we need. You won't fool the children of the revolution.


In addition, we have recently planted our flag and claimed this world in our name. As your new rulers, we would appreciate your help in spreading the word about this action. Anything you do to help the rest of the world learn and understand the new principles it lives by will be a great aid to improving the lives of everyone.

This LJ community is only for a certain group of us, and does not really accept any new members. However, we will still want you as our minion, of course. To join the Revolution, merely live your life fabulously, helping others to accept our ideals and rule.
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