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The Glorious Glitter Revolution [entries|friends|calendar]
The Glorious Glitter Revolution

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come on kill me [30 Sep 2003|11:05am]

know me as god.
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[25 Sep 2003|03:00pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

I just joined, it sounded so weird I had to be involved.
Revolutions are fun....


2 children of the revolution | sprinkle some glitter

[05 Sep 2003|12:27am]

this revolution would be, to say the least, essential to the world's survival. I'm surprised you don't ahev more followers.

anyhow, I'm obviously new, and love the idea behind this community as well how sandman somehow is incoorporated into glam rock. the two things together are...overpowering. you only need to think of sandman's creator neil gaiman when he was younger and put him in eyeliner. (fuck..that'd be hot)

anyhow, I am not a guy and therefore would make a sucky addition to your army of glitter boys. however, I would love to convert people for you. (*attacks every cute guy she sees with an eyeliner brush*)

yeah..so..um...this community is genius. see you around.
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Titles [31 Aug 2003|05:25pm]

This is the entry where we keep a constantly updated list of everyone's titles, in the form of comments.
10 children of the revolution | sprinkle some glitter

Administrivia [31 Aug 2003|05:23pm]

This is the entry where suggestions for the community info page, bio, interests list, etc go. Please leave comments.
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Wanted: person for secretarial position [31 Aug 2003|02:24pm]

As Secretary of the Revolution, it is my duty to help with planning and coordination and implementation of revolutionary activities. Thus, I am seeking a motivated and meticulous person to be Secretary of Daily Details. This person will be responsible for assisting the Leaders, Secretary, and Mascot of the Revolution in the quotidian tasks of normal life, such as cooking, cleaning, paperwork, and the raising of money to fund the exciting activities of the revolution. Duties may be increased at certain times. The person who fills this position will be an indispensible part of the coming betterment of the world, and will be in the upper echelons of the new glitter society.

Apply at _revolution_, the new internet hub of the Glorious Glitter Revolution.
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