Trixie FireCracker (caitlin) (angevinfaye) wrote in _revolution_,
Trixie FireCracker (caitlin)

glitter is sweeping thru the world....

this might be pointless, but i just thought i should share.....

i live in bradenton florida....a place full of red necks and 11 year old white girls who think they're ghetto fabulous. sp, i kept all of my glitter to myself...all alone. watching velvet goldmine and rocky horror in the comfort of my own home. then one not very special day i started going to an art school.

I met some flamboyant children....but not glitter, only a little shimmer. Then one day it happened. I opened the bottle and glitter flowed...I now have a flock of gay boys in frocks, and one particular bisexual make up wearing beauty i have my eye on....

the point is, glitter is starting to flow everywhere, even in red neck infested areas. be happy.

oh, i just thought i might add, obviously I'm new....and, I'm just happy a community like this is out there, I hope I am welcomed with open arms lol.

-the caitlin-
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