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In the event of an emergency, play this music loud.

Evening all. I really ought to have introduced myself before, since I'm supposed to be jointly taking over the world and all, but no one's perfect. ;)

As some of you will know, this all started as a bit of a gag between me, ciaan and painispretty, but it's fabulous to see so many of you interested in helping us achieve our goal of world domination in shiny platform shoes and eyeliner. I feel quite overwhelmed, to be honest. Glittery sprinkles for all of you. (For those of you who don't have a clue who I am, I'm a glam rock obsessive who runs in five-inch heels, wears a tailcoat with jeans and thinks Eddie Izzard is as appropriate an object of worship as any. And yes, I'm afraid that is the most profound thing I can think of to say about myself at the moment.)

I'm also becoming obsessed with The Darkness and I think that, while not strictly glam rock, Justin Hawkins is plenty camp enough to be included in our future Platonic-education-through-music regime. All those in favour say "ooh, guitar!"

Welcome to the Revolution.

~ Ziggy
Ringmaster of the Revolution
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