November 9th, 2003


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so i've been trying to think of a suitably pretty newbie post, and bam! the idea came to me:


basically, we take the boyz from les miserables, stick them in platforms and glitter and all that is glam, and indulge in some serious redecoration (since when are red and black the only revolutionary colors?)

or maybe that's just silly.

anyway: hello all! *tries to jam gifts in her disk drive to give everyone; fails pathetically*

(no subject)

once, i thought pretty boys wre part of a mystical, magical, fairy tale world.

and then i put eyeliner on my boyfriend and saw david bowie, in the flesh.
of course, i threw him down on the floor and told him he was mine for good.
so, i'm here to offer my aide in this glorious revolution of yrs.

rock on.
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