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Everyone will be pleased to know that recently, the Glorious Glitter Revolution planted our flag on the earth's soil and claimed the world in our own name. Once word gets out, life for all of us will be much more lovely, sparkly, and dandy. So if you wish to help spread that word, it would be a muchly good thing. All may participate in this revolution, by living their lives fabulously.
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the way before you has been prepared...
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The Revolution is no longer televised

Hello, all you glittery little people.

This post is to inform you that _revolution_ is now a closed community. In addition, most of you are no longer members.

This isn't because we don't like you. We do like you. We just decided that we wanted our cyberspace back. We want to be a happier, more private little family.

If you want to still be a member of _revolution_, you can. All you have to do is contact me and show me that you do actually know who started this revolution and what it's about. This is our little planning room, with the big round hardwood table and all the posters on the wall, where we meet in our fabulous outfits to discuss our schemes. This is our inner circle.

Do you really know what you're getting into, walking into this room? If so, knock, and we'll talk to you.

If not, you're probably best just skipping off back to the rest of your life, and continuing to listen to your music and sprinkle your glitter.

Stay fabulous, all of you. Each shining light brightens the world, and someday it will all glow surpassingly.

the Secretary of the Revolution
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God only knows...

I found you! I finally found you, you gloriously beautiful people! Yay! Question: When the clone army of pretty boys is complete, may I pass out the tiaras? You can't have glitter spreading pretty boys without tiaras. :3

Congrats to all of the Lucky, lucky bums that got to see Bowie at Wembley. Go you, yo! *Claps* I have yet to see a concert, despite wanting to very badly. I do believe that I will be in Australia when he starts his tour there, so heres hoping.

Is there anything else to say? Hm.. Oh! Yes, I am new. Fear me.. I do believe thats about it.

Toodles for now. :D
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(no subject)

You said you didn't want any dumb one-liner first posts, so i'll try and make this one mean something while i in(tro)duce myself.

I'm a just-turned-18-year-old college student in London, obsessed with photography, Manics, Bowie, leopard print and Urban Decay cosmetics, and pretty boys make up about 70% of my photographs.

I would also like to say congrats to anyone who got to see Bowie play at Wembley last week. I'm playing the Poor Student game right now.

*stay beautiful*
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British politics


He was so utterly amazingly fantastically wonderful! Am more in love with him than ever. I've already ranted at length about it in my journal so I won't bore you with it all again here. Plus it took ages to type the first time.

But yeah, that was on Tuesday night and I'm only just coming down off the high. It was such a buzz and I had an amazing time. He played loads of old stuff and a good mix of some of the newer tracks off Reality and Heathen and it was just amazing.

Lessee, I bought two t-shirts, a poster, badges and a souvenir programme. Not at all obsessed me, oh no.
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glitter is sweeping thru the world....

this might be pointless, but i just thought i should share.....

i live in bradenton florida....a place full of red necks and 11 year old white girls who think they're ghetto fabulous. sp, i kept all of my glitter to myself...all alone. watching velvet goldmine and rocky horror in the comfort of my own home. then one not very special day i started going to an art school.

I met some flamboyant children....but not glitter, only a little shimmer. Then one day it happened. I opened the bottle and glitter flowed...I now have a flock of gay boys in frocks, and one particular bisexual make up wearing beauty i have my eye on....

the point is, glitter is starting to flow everywhere, even in red neck infested areas. be happy.

oh, i just thought i might add, obviously I'm new....and, I'm just happy a community like this is out there, I hope I am welcomed with open arms lol.

-the caitlin-


No one has posted here in forever so... yeah.

Decided to post my list of top 5 beautiful famous people. Comment and add your top 5 list. :D

1. Brian Molko (Placebo)
2. Johnny Depp
3. Amy Lee (Evanescence)
4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Velvet Goldmine!)
5. Brittany Murphy

Those are the top five sexual people that I would like to have. Who's on your list?
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