My Bunghole, it Will Speak Now!

My people, we are without bungholes! Retards huh? HEHE! Chicks say I'm a retard! That's why I can't score. Damn, I wanna score! With hot chicks!


HEHE! Chicks! Yeah! I like chicks! Wit ig boobs! I come from Lake titticaca in Nicaragua! You have TP? TP... for my... Bunghole? BUNGHOLE!


My bunghole, it goes RAKA-TAKA! RAKA-TAKA! And then sometimes it goes Tokotooa-BWA-BWA-BWA! Pbbbbbbbbblllllttttt!!!!!!!!!

How Easily People Are Fooled,,How Retarded Is This ? Bin Laden Tape Release Convient Timming

Bush ready to get nailed to the cross for wiretapping and all of the sudden like MAGIC Osama Bin Laden sends a tape from his cave 1/2 way cross the world to terroize us so we'll feel all scared to death and look to our hero George to save us.

Anyone who buy's this horseshit I got some swampland in Fla to sell ya..


I have nothing to hide either but that's not the point. The point is this tape is just a scare tactic to keep people at bay about the wirtapping issue. This OK to you?

WOW how easily people can be distracted and fooled, no wonder this country is in so much trouble.
How do you feel about America becomming a total POLICE STATE or Martial law? it's coming

I think this tape is bogus myself. These tapes always magically appear everytime Bush is in a crisis and needs to get the people distracted from all the scandal and crimes going on in the white house. This is Bushes way of telling all the libs and dems shut the hell up or they'll be more terror.
Let's face it we will be terrorized till the end of 08

'If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy' - James Madison

I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.
--Susan B Anthony


my rectum has a first name.. it's L-O-O-S-E.
my rectum has a second name.. it's W-I-D-E.
i love to eat it everday.. and when i do.. this is what i ssssaaAAAAAYYYYY....
my rectum has a way with colon stretching for little pay.

if your going to be a L7 your never gonna go nowhere.
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I have nothing to say.  Really I don't.  You can all just go away now, before I pull out the hose on you and beat you fuckers like I beat my dick at 3 in the morning.  Lousy childrens.  Who gave them basic human rights?  Was it YOU Norbert?  Because if it was, then you're gonna have to pay for it. 

All U bitches think that it's all good with the Flapperjacks.  Well FUCK THAT SON!  Not on my watch you not.  No flappin of jacks around this nigga.  I dun play that shit in this business.  Y'all hoes need to move 2 different area codes B4 I get all skeet skeet skeet on dat ass an' bust my shit all over yo' domes like a mad pimpp.  LIEK WHAT GANGSTA NIGGAS REPRESENT UP IN "DIS HOUSE!  (OOTY OOO)  Mother fuckas can't handle this.  Y'all can't handle this shit.  Go beat some children, and kill some soldiers and shit.  Pick on everyone that's weaker than you an' stuff.  'Cause you get titty balls afterward if you do.  Big juicy titty balls that can't stay afloat, them bitches be all like "REEEOOWW" and sinkin to the knees, they get dudes beatin off like hundred dollar bills get jews beatin' off, cause you know they got ugly ass girls an' shit.  Same with the Arabs too.

Them bitches be all like "MALAALAALAALAA" and I can't fuck that shit.  No wonder they beat 'em all the time.  Course I wouldn't stick my dick in a camel neither.  Throw some shitty diapers on my head, running around the beach ass naked with my dick swinign low in the breeze screaming at the top of my lungs, a nigga'd get arrested if he tried that shit.  Naw man, I'm too gangsta for that.  I'm so gangsta, in fact, that maybe I SHOULD run around the beach with a drrty diaper on my head and my dick swingin around screamin' at the hoes. 

The cops would try to arrest me but I'd be all "Naw son, I'm gangsta."  Throw some shit in his face and walk off and all he could do is just stand there with his dick in his hand crying, 'cause he can't do shit, cause he ain't got the mad skillz like I got.  Cops and shit ain't got no skills, and neither to people in the military.  Motherfucker be all up in my face acting like he tough 'cause he in the Army an' shit.  I'll just pull out my .22, get in his face and talk some mad shit like "You bad mister military man?  Well I'll be all Bin Laden up in this bitch.  I'll straight up 9/11 yo' ass if you try somethin' like what."  Then pop him in the face and shoot up his girl, cause she's a ho' and anybody that goes with anyone in the military is a ho'.  And if he tries to pull some shit, I'll bust a cap in his ass, right in the spine and fuck his shit up fo' life, cause that's how I run business.  His Army buddies try to stop me, but 'OH NO'.  They can't, cause I got skillz nigga, remember?  I fuck ALL of 'em up, ALL of 'em, with just my .22.  Piss on the flag an' shit too to piss them off an that's gonna be the end of that story.

The bitches with they kids gonna ask what happened to daddy.  I'ma go say HE GOT SHOT UP BITCH and slap they ho girlfriends and kick the kids around until they're crying from permenant injuries and shit.  And THAT'S keepin it REAL!! 



EDIT:  Tittyballs tittyballs yay yay yay.

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