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Real life is getting more like fiction each day

Rent fan fiction

Rent Fanfiction
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Greetings, Bohemians!

Welcome to a lovely little place dedicated to RENT fan fiction. Okay, so we jest. Anything RENT is as good as gold here, but fan fiction is sort of like the main entrée. Pictures/art/icons/general discussion/anything else having to with the show are more like the side dishes that we all love.


1. Be considerate of your fellow members. This means no bashing, criticizing, attacking, and fighting.
-There is a difference between debating and fighting. As we strongly encourage debates, we take action against arguing.

2. Critiquing and reviewing someone's work is fine. Nit-picking is not.

3. While this community is on an 'anything goes' basis, there is a tiny list of subject matter that will not be tolerated:
-Anything which degrades and insults the story and characters of RENT and/or Johnathan Larson's work.
-If you find yourself writing a piece and thinking "this is sick" or "this is going to piss everyone off", then use your head. We're not asking you to give up your creative license, but don't cause trouble.
Any pieces posted in the community that go against either of these two rules will be deleted immediately. Consider this the warning.

4. Stealing someone else's work is prohibited. Removal and banning will follow without question and/or warning.

5. When posting your writing, pictures, or anything that could take up a lot of space, please use the cut tag. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the piece, as it is not the job of the moderators, nor polite of us, to edit someone else's piece.

6. Advertising is allowed, just as long as it's closely related to RENT or writing. Rating communities, or communities for other shows/actors outside of RENT are not considered on topic. We won't bother to be civil about it the first time. Expect all off-topic posts to be deleted.

7. Please refer to the Community Forum to report any inappropriate content, discussions, and members. Please read over the guidelines before posting.

8. The above said, all decisions regarding deleted posts are final. Don't cause a problem if your post gets deleted because you and your drama will be banned without warning.

9. Please take the time to fill out the following questions when making your introductory post. It helps everyone to know you a little better. Remember - entering the following information is optional. Though we would love to get to know more about you, we also do not want to make you feel uncomfortable in any way. Thanks.

Favorite Rent Character:
Favorite Rent Pairing:
Favorite Rent Song:
Favorite Rent actor/alumni:
Other random stuff:

All of that aside, welcome to the community.

The role of Benny will be played by:

sidewayslove and achtunglemons

Also, much love to xsaebre for the awesome header graphic.