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No Day But Today - A RENT RPG

No Day But Today is a fourm based RPG. That means no boring journals to keep up with, no having to stay on line all day and rp in an AIM chatroom. No Day But Today, allows you to RP at your own pace without the hassle and annoyance of journal based RPGs. All characters are open expect Maureen. However, Mimi is on hold for now more then 48 hours.

No Day But Today

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So the other day at a practice for my theater groups production of "bye bye birdie," our director was walking around and some of us were babbling about how amazing Idena Menzel is and she's like "Oh did I mention what the next play we're going to be doing is? *We all look at her expectantly, thinking she will say "the wizard of oz"* "We're going to be doing "Rent!" about 20 jaws hit the floor and a chorus of incoherent rambling starts up. But not before it got too loud for everyone to hear her say. "JUST KIDDING!!" *snigger-run away before getting mauled* God that was disapointing. :(
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ReNt rEnT reNt RenT REnt!!!!!

Hello people. I'm a RENT groupie. I LOVE everything about it. Chris Columbus did an amazing job of bringing it all together in the film, not to mention that those guys rocked, ten times better than the first time. Yeah "Life Goes on, but I'm gone, cause I'd die, Without you.... No Day but today" The ending reprise and Colins' lament are prolly the most intense for me and I love Maurine's spilch. Ok I've said my piece for now. ooooooo yeah and Adam Pascal is hott!!
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wilson jermaine heredia is sexxy and "RENT" rules

ummm yeah.I am in love with Wilson Heredia.He played Angel in the movie ''Rent''.That movie really opened my eyes to all of the sadness and struggle that the people who have life threatening diseases go through.It's really sad.If you haven't seen the movie "Rent" you should.Its a sad story.and its based in the 80's and what was going on then but alot of what was happening back then is still happening now.

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my name is cinthia and im 15 yrs old.i have recently become a huge rent fan when i saw the movie.i havent had the opportunity to see the play.but all good things come in favorite characters are angel,mimi,and favorite actors from the movie are wilson jermaine heredia,rosario dawson,and traci thomas.

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Hey kiddies,

My name is Lisa, I'm 16 and I got into Rent after I heard "Today 4 U" and decided only the world's most amazing musical could possibley have a song like that in it. My favorite charactors are Maureen and Mark and uh...thats it.

Have a nice day. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, and if you do, do it twice and name it after me. <3
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Hey Everyone,

I'm Amelia, I'm 17 years old, and became a true Renthead last summer when my friend Jen got me into the music. I've never seent the play, only the movie, which is disappointing but so it goes.

My favorite character is Maureen, but I love them all.

Anyway, hello!

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first i'd like to introcude myself. im leah, 13 years old from massachusetts. i fell in love with rent over the summer when i saw the play for the first time and ever since i have become a renthead. i am always looking for new information about the play, movies, and all cast members. i am especailly obsessed with adam pascal (totally hottie)

well on a supise trip to ny this weekend, my parnets, brother and i managed to get rent tickets! this was my second time seeing rent and i did enjoy it.

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Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if this is allowed here or not, but if it isn't I'll delete it.

My best friend and I have a role play going on in which we have journals for our characters. We/they post about what goes on in their day, or just anything they want. They also comment on each other's journals as well as role play through AIM. It's not as developed as we'd like it to be yet because we lack characters. So far we have Mimi (me mimi_marquez_19 ), Roger ( davisroger ) and Mark (mark____cohen). We still need Angel, Collins, Joanne, Benny, Maureen and if you'd like to make your own characters, you are more than welcome to, but please email us at either or with a brief description of your character and a sample of your writing if possible. Even if you pick one of the central characters left, please fill out the following and email it:

Brief description:
How do you plan on associating your character with one of/or all of the central 8?
Writing Sample:

We're looking forward to hearing from you!