You make religion look bad

So do you

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Have you ever met a religious person you really wanted to punch in the face? Come on who hasn't?

This is for ranting about anything having to do with religion or religious people. You can rant about religion in general, a specific religious path or even a specific religious person.
Anything goes here.

what's okay:
-ranting about religion as a whole
-ranting about a certain religion
-ranting about specific religious people
-posting interesting/funny religion drama on LJ
-ranting about people that make your own religion look bad

What isn't okay:
-abuse of a community member OR someone mentioned in the community (in other words, no matter how dumb someone is don't flame them). On that token, arguing and debating is okay (hell it's wanted!) but don't be stupid. I think any logical person knows the difference between "debate" and "flamewar"
-NITPICKING. This means; no grammar nazis, nope. None! If you don't have an actual response or argument, don't comment. Everyone gets incredibly sick of "let me point out every single minor grammatical error you made to make me look smart." comments so don't do it. Unless their grammar and spelling are so bad they make the post virtually impossible to comprehend/read, I don't want to see any comments related to someone's grammatical mistakes. Please remember this is the internet, and while I know the internet is serious buisness, lighten up. This is a rant community, not a college level religion class. A lot of people (like me) rant in a very stream-of-consciousness way, and yes sometimes we may mis-spell a word, or forget a comma or two, etc. But minor grammatical mistakes don't take away from the validity of the post, so if you have a problem with what the post says, go off on that. Trying to invalidate the poster or commentor by correcting their grammar just make you look arrogant, patronizing and basically make you look like you have no real argument. So just don't do it.
-trying to convert people or prove that one religion is better than the other (join convert_me or proveyourgod if you want to do that)
-don't just post and say "christians are dumb" or "atheists are going to hell" it only makes you look bad.
-No advertiing unrelated communities
-complaining to me about a member when you haven't even attempted to take it up with them yourselves (if someone pisses you off, tell them not me I'm not an internet babysitter)

IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE SOMEONE RANTING ABOUT YOUR RELIGION EITHER SUCK IT UP OR GET OUT. Honestly, I didn't even think I'd have to say this, but evidently I do. This is a community for religion rants. Yes, rants. That means someone might make a post about your particular religion. People have made rants about my beliefs and yes I get offended, but that's too bad. If you want a PC discussion about religion where anything but "OMGZ LOVE EVERYONE!" is banned, look at religion_etc. In here people are allowed to rant about any religion they want, yes even yours. If you can't handle that, don't come in here, and don't take personal offense to it. If someone says "Damn those stupid wiccans and their trendfollowing" or "Oh the ignorant christians strike again", please remember they are not attacking YOU (unless they say "so user so and so is a dolt") they're ranting about a religion you happen to follow. If you can't handle that, go elsewhere. I'm sick of seeing immature comments from otherwise mature people simply because they take offense to someone disliking their religion.

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