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The best thing to learn in life, is to love and to be loved in return. <3

It's not about keeping promises, it about following your heart. -The Notebook

I n L o v e C o m m u n i t y ♥
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Welcome to _relati0nships!

Created 12-10-04

If you have any questions/comments/ideas, contact me on my main livejournal br0wneyes_ I'd really appreciate it! If you're looking for a friend, comment as well. <3

- ♥ R U L E S ♥ -
1. You may add pictures after you take the survey, but you MUST post the survey.
2. Actually be in a relationship, if not, don't join.
3. You may promote, only if you do e-mail me, and I agree. Otherwise, please don't.
4. LJ cut ALL pictures and long posts.
5. No drama please. If the same user keeps starting drama, I will delete you.
6. This is a positive community, also, we do NOT rate here.
7. Have fun and post on your thoughts, feelings, etc. dealing with your relationship !

- ♥ About Us ♥ -
This community is made for anyone who is in a serious relationship, married, or even engaged. This community was made because I found way too many dead communities. If you're going to join, please post, not daily, but every once in a while. If an extended amount of time goes by and you have not updated, you will be deleted. This is a place where you can post about your relationships with your s/o, ask advice, and get help with dealing with your s/o. Have fun !

I look deep in your eyes and realize I could kiss you in the rain forever, turn all your pain it to pleasure, fill up all your days with sunlight and make the passion last every night. Give you every posession, make you my only obsession, go up to the sky, and pull down all the stars above. But I could never love you enough.


                        - S u r v e y -

Your name?:
Your s/o's name?:
Your age?:
Their age?:
How long have you been together?:
Most romantic moment between you and your s/o?:
What you love most about them?:
Reason for joining?:


When I tell you I love you, I don't say it out of habit or to make conversation.. I say it to remind you that you're the best thing thats ever happend to me.