Chris (_social_retard_) wrote in _redvelvet,

Some issues, maybe you can help?

Hi there, I just joined and sorta joined for this reason. See Ive come to realise that for a while now I have had trouble feeling satisfied with well.. any partner really. Ive tried a number of kinks, I enjoyed some and grew bored of some but often I have various dificulties. It might be difficult to get an erection or difficult to cum or just generaly feel like a a bit of a chore. I love to please my partner and I feel pleasure most of the time but im not satisfied all that often. This has been the case with various partners, i just started seeing this new girl and she is wonderfull and understanding and amzingly sexy but I still have trouping enjoying myself. Often when i am in a relationship i find myself thinking about other women, it doesnt seem to matter who Im with, like I said she is really amazing but still.. I dunno, any sugestions?
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