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red lipstick and red roses

Name: Eva
Age: 16, I’ll be 17 in 2 months
Location: memmingen/germany
Favorite band/bands: Samsas traum, Qntal, Dresden Dolls, Ska-P...
Essentail make-up item: red lip stick ^^ and great lash mascara
Unusual habits: chewing on the plastic lids of my water bottles
Worst habit: bossing everybody around when working on a project, because i think only my vision is perfect
Tell us some of the simple things you enjoy: the feeling of materials like verlvet and satin, getting out of high heels and have a foot massage, listening to mie cat purring
Most vicious thing you've done: i tortured insects when i was a kid... and a make some mean sarcastic comments about people in public and in their presence, but they deserved it.
What makes you laugh?: georg schramm , a really good German political satirist, myself being confused
Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?: Oscar Wilde whom I admire ... i think we’d get along quite well and could have an interesting talk.
How many pairs of shoes do you own?: I think they’re 11. I love shoes, but i hate shoe shopping, because of my stupid feet. No shoe fits!
Which pair of shoes are your favorite?: these:
What should we do with stupid people?: leave them alone. They’re happy people, because they don’t think abut life and the world as much as other people. That’s just depressing. As long as they’re not intolerant or incredibly annoying it’s ok.
How long do you think you will live?: I hope not very long, because i see what happens to my grandparents. I have a high risk for cancer and a slightly higher risk for a bipolar disorder (my genes are crap) But I won’t drink and drive, so let’s say between 50 and 63
Favorite quote:„Ich bin durchaus nicht zynisch, ich habe nur meine Erfahrungen, was allerdings ungefähr auf dasselbe herauskommt.“ I dont know the original quote so I’ll try to translate it: “I’m really not cynic, i just have my experiences, however it comes down to the same thing.“ oscar wilde


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