weeee new pic


I dyed my hair back to its original HOT dark brunette color. its still not as dark as the original color is, i was just sick of having lightish brown hair. i had highlights for 3 years. Sorry for the shitty pics, im not that attractive of a photogenic person. and sorry for the color change in the photos. its cus the light was on, or off, idk its shitty lighting but the pic where you can actually see the side of my face is how dark it is.

anyways im helluv bored and randomly posting this

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*~my apologizes*~

hey guys im sorry but im leaving the community cause i really can't keep up to date w/ everything going on right now in school. maybe ill join again when things get beter for me in school and everything. sorry guys! i wish u guys the best of luck w/ the community and everything u guys do. much



hey ... sorry i haven't been updating lately in here or voting. school has been kicking in with me like crazy. senior year is just one hard year for me... you have no idea! =( i thought maybe you girls deserve to see pics of me recently these are pics from my 18th birthday party that was just on wednesday ... my best friend threw me a surprise party w/ my mom n family since my bday was just on thurday! =) im finally legal =D all the pics are the ones i posed and like. if u want to see all of them you can go to my my photo album or to my cindiwindi =)

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weeee new pic


I took pics of myeslf because i was really bored. they are kinda big. but o well. i was bored, and i really havent posted in this forum really.. i just say "yes" or "no" i need to get involved more.. well hopefully you like em..haha i just laugh at them cus i think i look stupid.. o well! what else is new!

my birthday was september 17th! and i am happily 16..license on monday....er.. tomorrow... :)

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