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Real Thin
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Basically, the purpose of _realthin is to post and view pictures of real thin people. No models, no celebrities, and nothing obviously airbrushed or edited. Not to say models and celebrities aren't real people, but they aren't quite the same as your everyday person. Any member can post, but be sure to read through the rules first, as all posts will be moderated. If you do not follow the rules correctly, your post will get rejected.

Keep in mind this community does not promote or encourage eating disorders, so if that is what you're looking for please take your interest elsewhere.

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1. Make sure your post includes real people in it. (as in no models, celebs, etc. & NO promotions) If there are no pictures, then don't even bother trying to post. Any pictures with obvious models or celebrities will be rejected, and you will be asked to edit your post before reposting.

2. This is NOT a place to post your progress, tips, etc. There are plenty of other communities out there for that, and this isn't one of them.

3. Be cautious and courteous when posting pictures both of others and yourself. PLEASE take the time to read this post. Don't say we didn't warn you. If someone asks a picture you posted to be removed, please do so. If you do not comply to their wishes your post will be deleted with little warning.

4. Make sure to add a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) warning on all posts that contain nudity, partial nudity, emaciation, and extreme obesity.

5. Put all pictures behind a cut. How To LJ-CUT

6. No drama, please! If you don't like the pictures someone is posting, or if you have a personal conflict with another member please take the drama elsewhere. Respect everyone and what they choose to post. Please realize that there is a fine line between voicing your opinion in a tasteful, appropriate way and appearing offensive and rude. If you don't like what you see, just leave. No need to start an argument.

Please note: If your post gets rejected be sure to read comments as to why that happened. You may just have to edit the post and then you can repost. An easy way to avoid this is to read the rules completely before posting!

This community will no longer be affiliated with any eating disorder related community in an attempt to avoid increased use of pro-eating disordered views. If your community was previously a "sister community" to _realthin, feel free to end the affiliation on your side. Furthermore, at this time there will be no future affiliation with similar communities. Thank you!