February 20th, 2011

[PICPACK91] Alexei Borisov & Olga Nosova _ASTMA IgE

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experimental, Live Electronics, other

Borisov/Nosova duo was formed in Moscow (RF), april 2009. Music components: free improvized, live electronics, noise, electroacoustic, spoken word, tape music, ambient, soundtracks, field recordings etc. The duo collaborates with different musicians, sound artists, video-artists, dancers and poets from different countries: Anton Nikkila (Finland), Dave Phillips (Switzerland), Matthieu Werchowsky (France), Dora Bleu (Canada), Thomas Buckner (USA), Tom Smith (USA), Jandek (USA), Edyta Fil (Poland), Kim_Nasung (Poland), Ilya Belorukov (Russia), Fear Konstruktor (Russia), Sergei Letov (Russia), Yuri Yaremtchuk (Ukrain), Volga (Russia), Rafal Mazur (Poland), Alexei Rafiev (Russia), Oleg Kornev (France), Nikita Tsymbal (Russia), Mitya Fedorenko (France) and more.... Produces music for silent movies ("The 11th" by Dziga Vertov), art exhibitions, theatrical and multi-media events and actions. International events and festivals: The 10th Anniversary of GEZ-21 International Music Fest (St.Petersburg, Russia, 2009), Spektro Fest (Istanbul, Turkey 2009), Jauna Muzika (Vilnius, Lithuania 2010), Sonic Circuits (Washington DC, USA 2010), Interpretations (NYC, USA 2010), joint tour with Dora Bleu in Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, Borisov/Nosova/Belorukov/Nasung Tour in Poland 2009, Salvador Dali art exhibition at Inartis Gallery (Moscow, Russia 2009), live at Staalplaat record store in Berlin, concerts in Ljubljana, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, Hannover, Prague, Riga, Dusseldorf, Providence, NYC and more... Showcases and lectures at Berklee Music Collage (Boston), George Washington University (Washington DC) Releases: "Istanbul Kebap" (Live at Spektro 2009) (net-album by www.top-40.org) "No No Music" (net-album by www.kroogi.com - 2010) CD-R releases by Bornos produkt: "Selected works, vol. 1" (2009) "Selected works, vol 2" (2010) "Live recordings" (2009-2010) "Grundig" (2010) CD: "Elektrokooperativ" (Industrial Culture, UK 2010) ..

01- Untitled (0:24)
02 -Untitled (0:22)
03 -Untitled (1:56)
04 -Untitled (0:00)
05 -Untitled (2:02)
06 -Untitled (2:52)
07 -Untitled (1:01)
08 -Untitled (1:00)
09 -Untitled (0:17)
10 -Untitled (1:01)
11 -Untitled (2:01)
12 -Untitled (0:26)
13 -Untitled (0:34)
14 -Untitled (1:47)
15 -Untitled (2:40)
16 -Untitled (0:58)
17 -Untitled (0:53)
18 -Untitled (0:29)
19 -Untitled (2:17)
20 -Untitled (2:03)
21 -Untitled (2:00)
22 -ASTMA IgE (5:03)http://www.archive.org/details/AlexeiBorisovOlgaNosova_astmaIge&reCache=1