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Reality TV Central

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It's exhilarating, interesting, hilarious, and sometimes a little freaky. We get into the relationships, the competition, the money, and everything. It's reality tv.


-If you are going to post pictures, please use a cut. I personally don't have a problem with it, but it annoys some people.

-Discussion is definitely encouraged. Bashing, however, is not. You can post reasons as to why you don't like "The Simple Life", but don't post a list as to why Paris Hilton is a slut. There are other communities for that.

-As far as spoilers go, I don't have a problem with them, but some people do. So, put them behind a cut. Some people TiVo their episodes and don't want to hear who got voted off the island before they watch it! This is just so people don't get pissed off.

-If someone posts icons, please tell them which ones you're taking, and credit them if you can.

-Yes, you can promote your community. But only if it is related to reality television. No, you may not promote your community for "The O.C." here. But you may promote your community for Survivor. However, please be considerate when it comes to promoting. Big promo pic? Put it behind a cut. Try to include a message with your promo. Don't say, "Join (name of community)!" We want it to be active here.

-Post, post, post! Post about your favorite reality shows, your favorite moments in reality tv. Definitely post your opinion. Like I said, discussion is encouraged.

-When you join, introduce yourself! Don't hide in a corner!