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Jessica Simpson "Doing Good," Flashing New Ring

Jessica Simpson "Doing Good," Flashing New Ring

Tue., Jul. 28, 2009 11:58 AM PDT by

Jessica Simpson courtesy Brian Lindensmith/Getty Images

Jessica Simpson is sporting a new diamond ring today.

No, she and Tony Romo haven't reconciled with an engagement.

Ms. Simpson hit a listening party in Hollywood last night for An-Ya, a Russian pop singer signed to Joe Simpson's music label. Before the night was over, Jessica walked away with a $10,000 5-carat ring from party host jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad's Black and White Diamond Collection.

"If you didn't already know Jessica just went through a breakup, you really would have no way of telling from the way she was behaving at the event," an eyewitness reported. "She really seemed happy."

While Jessica refused to do media at the soiree, Papa Joe gave us an update on his unlucky-in-love offspring.

"She's good," Joe said. "She's doing very good."

Not too sure if she'll be feeling the same when she gets wind of US Weekly's new cover story. The celeb tabloid claims Romo is already smitten with a new gal, recent college graduate Natalie Smith (her dad is the athletic director from Romo's alma mater, Eastern Illinois University).

Smith denies to the mag that there was a romance. A rep for Romo declined to comment when we asked about the report earlier today.

At least Jessica has work to help take her mind away from Romo. Joe said they leave for Japan in a couple of weeks to work on her upcoming VH1 reality show about beauty.

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira

I hope she REALLY is doing well. i want her to be happy and i'd love it if she got back with nick lol

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