andreaknoll (andreaknoll) wrote in _realitytv_,

Kelly and Ozzy talk about the Osbournes Reloaded

Kelly and Ozzy talk about the Osbournes Reloaded variety show in this new interview

Ozzy: The variety show is truly a variety show in the respect that we're trying a lot of different things: some of what you're familiar with, some that you're not familiar with. Yesterday I was doing green screen work and I was there for 10 hours straight, different costumes, different mics.

Kelly: Me and my father do hidden camera stuff where we took over a yoga class. We also took over a drive-through. It's really funny. Jack and I do a challenge. I challenge Jack in every episode. We have one thing where we go around meeting other Osbourne families. What I love the most is the audience participation and the reaction that we get from just filming in studio.

The full Q&A interview with Ozzy and Kelly can be found HERE.
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