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Real Scumbags
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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in A Place for Real Scumbags to Mingle's LiveJournal:

Sunday, December 17th, 2006
9:24 am
life sucks
Life sucks and we're not getting a refund.
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
3:07 pm
Life's a bitch, then you die
until the paramedics revive you
and tell you that you have to stop
getting high.
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
11:52 am
Sex, drugs, and rock n roll
What more could a scumbag want? Yeah maybe money. But if you have drugs, why do you need money. To get more drugs? There is no such thing as enough drugs. But if you have drugs, you can get money. However, when you have money you can't always get drugs. Drugs are worth more than money. The rock and roll will always be around. It's the sex and drugs that are a little hard to come by. But experience has taught me that it's easier to get good drugs than it is to get good sex. With drugs you can look at them and smell them to know if it will be good or not. Well unless you're a drug virgin. To be a drug addict, you first have to know your own chemistry, that way you know which drugs you'll like and which ones you won't.

I was watching a movie, this chick in NYC was telling a guy how her husband was a drug addict and she was an inspiring drug addict. I was thinking to myself:


I can see being a failed musican or a failed actor, but to be a failed drug addict, that is fucking bad. It's funny to imagine people out there that actually tried to get addicted to drugs, but it didn't work out for them like they hoped.

If I was ever successful at anything it would be at becoming a drug addict. That didn't require any trying at all. It took curosity and denial to become a full fledged drug addict.

I try to live some sort of straight life, and the only thing I can get straight are the lines on the coffee table before I snort.

Having a roof over my head is nice and food in my belly. We all need to survive. But after survival is taken care of, all we scumbags need is sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Current Mood: content
Friday, October 14th, 2005
1:02 am
What a tiny community
Not much posts go on and nobody wants to apply. That is fine with me. Most of the real scumbags out there are too busy with sex, drugs, and alcohol to be online. Soon I'm going to post scumbag stories. Scumbag stories are great.

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Thursday, September 15th, 2005
2:01 pm
Scumbagness is attitude.
I think media and such global things have turned the real scumbag way of life into an elitist cliche. Being loud, wear weird clothes and listening to hard music doesn't automatically make you a scumbag.
Scumbags are quiet, we don't need to talk about how rude we are because we feel it from the inside of your rotting yet some gentle hearts.
The whole Deadly Viper Assasination Squad in Kill Bill are scumbags for life. Copperhead had a normal life after the Bride's massacre, but was still enough of a tough ass bitch to give her life for her daughter. That's something normal people don't do a lot.
I'd like to see all those LJ scum kids in some of the situations some of my friends and me have been. They don't knw what it's like to be pushed against a wall with someone putting a knife up to your neck. They won't ever fucking know what it's like to be on the streets til daylight looking for a place to sleep, while being totally high. All they know about is shitty bands, makeup and camera whoring themselves.
Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
11:35 pm
Good things happen to bad people.
If bad things happen to good people, naturally good things will happen to bad people. My scumbag friends and I live by that philsophy. We always remember that good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen to bad people, but we're bad so we recover from it better.

My scumbag friends have incorporated a lot of cliches over the years. I thought to share them.

Bottles up, morals down- we say that whenever we drink together.
Good things happen to bad people.
Scumbags always win out in the end.
When asked how we are doing we say, the booze-ual.

Some might not understand this saying so I'll translate it-
Never count your tweakers before they flail. OR
Never count your tweakers before they run off.
It's our whole philosophy on life. It's hard to explain. You either get it or you don't.
9:24 pm
White Girl
White girl or Crystal is a fictional character in this movie, "Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trick Babby."

She is a great example of a scumbag. In the movie she gets sentenced to life in prison. She ends up breaking out with another girl, they end up trainhopping and other things. They eventually make it to Tijuana. There she dresses up like a hooker, and lures tricks into a hotel room. Then she beats the shit out of them and robs them blind. That was her hustle before she went to prison. In the end she wins out and ends up pardoned. Scumbags always win out in the end. It's a really good movie, I saw it with a friend that's a fellow scumbag a year ago. It's pretty good. It has this whole Hansel and Gretel theme to it. Her name is Crystal because her mom was a tweaker. Everyone calls her white girl though. She's played by Natasha Lyone.

She is really up there with scum.
9:17 pm
If I had a tumor I would name it Marla
Marla Singer from Fight Club is a great example of a scumbag. Scumbagness is equal opportunity. She steals meals from the meals on wheels program to feed herself. She goes to those weekly meetings for entertainment and coffee. She takes clothes out of a dryer and goes across the street to sell them. She really gets on the narrator's nerves, while sexually satisfying his alter-ego. She has some great lines as well.

"They are actually listening to you instead of waiting to for their turn to speak."
"The condom, the glass slipper of our generation."
8:38 pm
Trinity Layer's Accepted Application
We talked a bit and I saw her live journal before I made this site, so she was in before putting up the app. I wanted her to fill out one for examples for other people that would want to apply. Here is what she sent me.

Here it comes my app for real scumbags. It has an URL to my pot-high pic. Hope you enjoy it.
Seeing the poor idea of scuminess that's all around LJ I decided to fill this out, though I hate most rating communities.

Name: Daniela or Lalo or Loyd, you tell me which suits me better
Age: 15
Drug of Choice: Cocaine from my beloved homeland Colombia and cheap shitty pills
favorite movies: Pulp Fiction, Spun, Eternal Sunshine, Sin City
favorite music: Punk, hardcore and oi! Some of my bands are Dead Kennedys, Buzzcocks, Vice Squad, Varukers, Toxic Narcotic, Expelled, Casualties, A Global Threat, Eskorbuto, Atoxxico, Solucion Mortal, Ratos de Porao, Total Chaos, F-minus and lots more
favorite scumbag real or fictional: Some of the characters in Sin City are scumbags in a way some people will never be.
Opinion on-
abortion: I'm for it. This world is too full of shit to give it more dumbasses.
government: It's a business just like religions. I don't want to live with the inherent guilt that all religions have.
politics: Useless. Politicians are just like normal, greedy and selfish common people. I could be a politician and there would be no fucking difference cause that's fucking human nature. There won't be equality unless we're all dead.
the drug war: You can say anything you want, I love drugs as much as I love music. Anything can be a drug. You can be addicted to drugs, sex, violence, food, money, tv and stuff, and it won't change just because government says it's wrong or right. Drugs are a huge income for poor families (you can see this in my country), and you must be enough of an adult to know what will come with drugs.
tattos: Art and culture. Except for love tattoos or all that pussy tattoos with butterflies, hearts and Hello Kitty shit stuff.
piercings: Sames as tattoos. I'd like to add something: If you're weak don't even try it. You won't look rude, you'll look dumb
What tats and piercings to you have and/or want: I don't have body modifications, except for my scars. I'd like some piercings. And a safety pin on my right ear
What do you think a true scumbag is?: Somebody dark, somebody who's not afraid of being in the darkest side of human race. Just someone who lives as what we really are: animals who are suppossed to "think".
Why are you a scumbag?: I don't feel the need of having lots of people talking about how scummy I'm for them. I AM A SCUMBAG AND I DON'T HAVE TO PROVE IT.
Scummy things you do or have done: Threw a chair to a hippie, slapped my mom, punched really hard my dad on his back, get some people into drugs, fuck on the streets, having an obsession for shoplifting, shouted people that I don't know in the streets just because I wanted to, vomit over a guy's dick that didn't like the way I fuck
And this is me after smoking pot:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
3:39 pm
Raul Duke and Dr. Gonzo
They are real scumbags. They were turned into fictional characters because of all the illegal things they did. Dr. Gonzo was made Somoaian because he was really a civil rights leader for the Chicano movement. He didn't want to tain the movement with his scumbag ways, so Thompson made him Somoaian. It's funny that Benicio Del Terro, a Latino plays him though. They took drug use to the ultimate level, they ran up bills and then dipped out, and they trashed hotel rooms. They were always out for a free ride and a good drug binge. They did so many things in Vegas that people would not get away with now. There is just no way anybody could do the things in Vegas that they did. Real scumbags do things that scumbags later on can't get away with because of them.

Current Mood: creative
3:30 pm
Captian Jack Sparow
Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean is a perfect example of a great scumbag. He drinks, he raids, and pillages. Most of all, he always wins out in the end. He lives his life and basically wings it, and yet he always wins out. He is the perfect anti-hero. It's ironic that a Disney movie can teach one so much about being a scumbag. He is so hilarious. When I saw it in theaters, I was laughing hysterically throughout the movie. Then when the credits rolled, I had to see the movie again. It was like a drug. I saw it a second time, and when the credits rolled, I had to see the movie once again. When it came out on DVD, I bought as soon as it came out. Because I bought it at one particular store, I got a keychain that looked exactly like a coin from the cursed treasure. It was cool. I saw that movie until I pretty much knew every frame to the movie. I had a bong that was blue frost and covered with skulls and cross bones. I named it Captian Jack Sparrow. It would kick your ass. I made the movie into a pot smoking ritual. My friends and I would put on the movie and skip it to Jack's enterance and smoke out of the bong while his boat sinks to the dock. One time we turned it into a drinking game. The rule was you had to take a swig of beer everytime Jack did something cool. I got so drunk. There were scenes when we just decided to chug the beer for the whole scene he was doing something cool. The scene where he gets trapped on the island with Elizabeth is hilarious. He tries to put the moves on her when she's falling drunk all over him. When he wakes up the rum is burning.

WHY'S THE RUM GONE. His reaction was so hilarious. I can't wait for the sequal.
1:18 pm
first accepted application
Name: Mikk
Age: 29
Drug of Choice: Ecstacy and Muscle Relaxers
favorite movies: I have a ton and most listed my info but here are a few... Fight Club was a great choice and I quote it all the time, Guy Richie films, Baz Luhrman films, Boondock Saints, Garden State, The Hustler, Train Spotting, Rum Diaries will more than likely be on the list though it is not out yet.
favorite music: Radiohead, U2, Coldplay, The Police, Beatles, The Killers, White Stripes, Pulp, REM,
favorite scumbag real or fictional: Turkish, from Snatch
Opinion on-
abortion: Pro Life, have a beautiful daughter of my own. Situations happen and I try not to judge others. But as for myself can't agree with it.
government: A bit too broad for a blurb comment, but the good news is our current President, "Governer Bush, I call him that because it was the last office he was actually elected for." Will not be able to have another term of office no matter how much money he has to buy it with.
politics: I enjoy ranting about the wrongs but I do love it when on occasion we can rave about something that was done right.
the drug war: Well legalisation has its points. But as long as there is so much money to be made on both sides of it as long as it stays illegal then we can expect it to do so.
politically correct people: I prefer tact to pc people, it works better and at least you are still capable of being honest.
tattos: One on my shoulder blade.
piercings: None.
What tats and piercings to you have and/or want: Chinese Imperial Dragon on Right Shoulder Blade.
What do you think a true scumbag is?: Alot of anti-heros are scumbags. Hell even Jesus' disiples were scum bags. There is something to be said for someone who has the abiltiy to use the dark side for a greater benefit and not be so afraid of the reaction as much as the results.
Why are you a scumbag?: Now I would not be a successful scum bag if I gave up all my secrets now would I?
Scummy things you do or have done: No comment here but as time goes by I will reference a few as the story may be needed to explain something.

I liked most of his answers. I never thought of Jesus' disciples of being scumbags. That is a good one. I like original thought. They were homeless vagrants and all and they were against the establishment after all. They drank wine. Fuck they followed a guy that could turn water into wine. They hung out with hookers as well. There is nothing wrong with being Christ like. However, a lot of so-called Christians aren't all that Christ like. Jesus did say, "thou that has not sinned through the first stone." Even a scumbag like me likes parts of the bible. I also like how he pointd out that a lot of anti-heros are scumbags. Look at Captain Jack Sparrow.
Monday, September 12th, 2005
7:00 pm
I just made the community
To be fair, I decided to fill out my own application.

Name: Jessica
Age: 23
Drug of Choice: heroin with a needle
favorite movies: Fight Club, Pirates of the Carribbean, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, A Clockwork Orange, The Motorcycle Diaries, Johnny Depp's drug films, Natural Born Killers, Quentin Tarrantino's directing career, most Martin Scorcese films.
favorite music: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Adicts, Dead Kennedys, The Rolling Stones
favorite scumbag real or fictional: Captain Jack Sparrow
Opinion on-
abortion: pro-choice all the way, more people should have abortions, more people's parents should have had one.
government: it sucks, deal with it.
politics: it can be a huge headache, but apathy is the enemy that is what politians want look how Bush got elected twice!
the drug war: it's bullshit, drug dealers would be out of business if it was legal. Europe and Canada have lax drug laws and they don't have a problem like we do. Amsterdam isn't in chaos after all!
politically correct people: they suck, not saying offensive words won't erase the hate it will just hide it and I think that is even more dangerous. Hate is inevitable.
tattos: one on my back of the celtric trea of life and one on my forearm, squatters' rights.
piercings: none, they got tooken out when I went to jail last year, I want to get my lip ring back, but I also want a decent job. Drugs and booze cost money. I also want a place to do them. I've done enough squatting in my life.
What tats and piercings to you have and/or want: the LeVay Satanism pentagram on my back, angel wings one with flith all over it, and one that is clipped on my back. It will represent human nature. A skull and cross syringes tat on the back of my neck, a snake wrapped around my arm, one of my tats to get finished.
What do you think a true scumbag is?: a person that society deems to be amoral, but really they have hearts of gold.
Why are you a scumbag?: I do things that society would deem scummy. I drink, have prematiral sex, don't believe in sin, I do my own thing and sometimes feel I live outside of society. I can't explain it really. So this question isn't so important. But I love sex, drugs, and rock and roll basically.
Scummy things you do or have done: sex, drugs, insulting people, getting revenge as oppose to turning the other cheek, allowing my friends to steal from corporations becasue they got me high, hanging out and learning from other real scumbags.

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