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Little red lines on our wrists...

Look Closely Cuz they each tell a story...

_Xx_Our Scars Never Let Us Forget_Xx_
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Dont Try To Fix Me...I'm Not Broken

*Xx* Who Can Join *Xx*
Anyone can. This is mainly for cutters/former cutters. But if you want to join you can.

*Xx* Rules *Xx*
1. I dont want any "You suck...you are such a freak" bullshit. We all need to show some respect cuz most of us are going through the same things. Just show respect and lets all try and help out.
2. When you join you must tell us something about yourself in your first entry such as: you name, do you cut, how long have you...adn stuff like that. Just let us get to know you.
3. If you are a cutter and you want to tell about a cutting experience or something PLEASE put it under an LJ cut that says "POSSIBLE TRIGGER" So no one reads it and cuts. I dont want that to happen. So lets keep it from that.